Check out which mobile operating software provides you the most security against privacy threats

Check out which mobile operating software provides you the most security against privacy threats

Recent hacks and security flaws have led many mobile phone users to question the software security and protection they have when using their smartphones. Many people use their devices for everything, which can include very sensitive personal information. Users may access their bank accounts, personal contact information, etc. that is not meant for other people [...]


Discover Breaking News Stories Before It Trends

Trending topics on Twitter will tell you what’s being discussed in your city, state, or country, but in between #beliebers and #sports, there could be relevant #breakingnews happening that may not be on the Twittersphere’s radar just yet. And if it is, it’s too late for journalists to, well, break the story. For the last [...]


“Seeing” Mannequins Are Watching Your Every Shopping Move

If you felt like you were being watched during your in-store holiday shopping this year, you could’ve been right. Some retailers are now employing EyeSee Mannequins in their stores to collect data about their customers. Kinda reminds me of the shopping experience of the future, as demonstrated in Minority Report back in 2002 (Wow, that [...]

Google Microphone Tattoo Patent

Google Filed A Patent For A Neck Tattoo With A Microphone Built In

Very few people would dispute that Google is innovative. The innovations that might come in the future from one particular patent the search giant recently applied for, however, could be a bit more unique than others. This week, Google filed for a patent for a neck tattoo with a built-in microphone. Yes. You read that [...]


Samsung’s Galaxy S IV Smartphone May Have Eye Scrolling

Have you ever wished for superpowers? Samsung is on their way to granting that wish. Specifically, the superpower of telekinesis, or moving objects with your mind. Okay, really what this translates to in the gadget world, is the ability to scroll your phone screen with your eyes. Users will no longer suffer article interruption when [...]


Scientist Accidentally Discovers Fast-Charging Battery Technology, Says It Could Change The World [VIDEO]

Scientists at UCLA accidentally discovered what could very well be the biggest breakthrough in battery and charging technology in history. The video above gives most of the details, but suffice it to say, if you could fully charge your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other battery-powered machine in less time than it takes to get [...]


Exhale Bladeless Fan Estimated to Ship In March

Indiegogo and Kickstarter have started a revolution. The kind of revolution where every great little product idea has a chance to be tested in the market and created if there is demand. A bladeless ceiling fan was the idea, and it was well received. I have always been interested in innovation, combining simple solutions with [...]


This magic potion allows you to operate a touchscreen while wearing gloves

Winter is here, and for most users leaving their phone in their pocket at the bus stop or train station is not an option. That usually leads to cold fingers. You can only hide your hands from the wind for so long. Capacitive Touch The problem is the capacitive screen. Capacitive screens don’t work with [...]


Amazon offering online credits for Prime members who aren’t in a rush

Killer news for Amazon Prime users, Amazon is giving Amazon rebates for customers willing to wait a bit longer for their shipments. Not guaranteed The option may not be available for every order, and for some it may not even be worth a credit. Amazon’s explanation reads: Promotional credit may be offered for selecting No-Rush [...]


Double Robot Lets You Go Everywhere From Your iPad

Ever wanted to go to the Louvre, but couldn’t afford it? Double Robotics has a device that one day might get you a little bit closer. The company created a kit they call Double that turns your iPad into a “telepresence robot.” That means you can see through the iPad’s camera, control the device, look [...]

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