Verizon Adds Mobile Charging Stations for Hurricane Sandy Victims

The fine folks at Verizon have setup mobile charging stations for those still without power and affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you live in the New York area and need power to charge your devices, Verizon welcomes you to come charge them, completely free of charge. They provide all the current locations of their charging [...]


Facebook’s new campus will be awesome. Complete with an underground tunnel and a park on the roof.

Facebook is working with Frank Gehry, the designer of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, to build a sprawling new campus that “blends into the community” and caters to 3,400 employees. When finished, it’ll connect to Facebook’s current headquarters via underground tunnel. Sweet! Mark Zuckerberg provides some initial detail in this post last Friday, saying: It will [...]

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New York Swaps Pay Phones for Free Wi-Fi

A pilot program is being tested in New York that installs free Wi-Fi hotspots in place of payphone kiosks. The hotspots will allow users to connect to the Internet after agreeing to some simple terms and conditions. This transformation could help reduce crime in the city, as well as provide more digital inclusion for residents. [...]


An App That Finds Free Condoms… Seriously?!

The tagline of “there’s an app for that” just reached new heights. I am constantly prowling the interwebs for new and exciting blog material, and this was one that was just too hard to pass up. The app “NYC Condom Finder” is actually a real thing. The app scours New York City and provides the [...]