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Essential Mac apps not on Apple’s ‘Best Mac Apps of 2012’ List

Yesterday I linked to a few of Apple’s top listed apps for 2012. I realized that if you’re new to Mac, there are a few more apps you should probably check out. Here are the first few free apps you probably will want to download on any Mac (I already mentioned Evernote and MintQuickView in [...]

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Surprise Features: Apple’s new iTunes 11 comes with a gift-card scanner

Apple snuck in a sweet little feature in the latest update to the famous software: gift card camera scanning. If you’ve ever used a gift-card on iTunes, you’ve had to type in the big long code on the back. Now, you can hold the card up to the camera, and it will scan the card [...]


Here’s a portable TV antenna for the iPad

I watch a lot of TV on my iPad. Netflix, Hulu and the ABC Player app are my most common apps. The iPad has made time-delayed television as ubiquitous as the device and an internet connection. Portable TV Antenna I remember in elementary school another kid came to school with a ‘portable tv’ with a [...]


MasterCard is adopting new credit card technology for a more secure card

The next big thing in ‘credit card technology’ seems to be making it’s way to Singapore. The card has buttons and an LCD screen that will only allow payment from the card if the user enters their PIN number. The problem? This isn’t new technology. I read an article on this technology from Geekologie back [...]


Check out these wallpapers for your new iPad Mini or iPad 4

Joshua Topolsky posted to Twitter an interesting post about his iPad Mini wallpaper. He found the wallpaper from a UK site: The writer and designer Simon C Page loved the iPad 3 when it came out with a Retina Display: Apple’s new iPad 3, with it’s retina display, is so good it’s just crying [...]

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The new iMac is here. It’s thin

They ‘lovingly’ call the bottom aluminum section of the iMac screen the chin. Well, what do they call the bulge in the back? The butt? Do they call it that lovingly? The new iMac is impressive. The features they’ve added are far more important than the thinness of the edge of the display. Thinner LCD, [...]

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iPhone 5: A better camera. Faster, Smaller, and now with Panorama

Phil Schiller presented the new iPhone 5 with it’s impressive camera just a short while ago. The new camera is very exciting. The pictures are getting so high quality that it’s easy to fill up your entire laptop hard drive with images and videos. Smaller, Faster, Better The new iPhone 5 camera is impressive. Has [...]


Stay comfortable in bed or on the couch with this long snake-like stand for your iPhone

Lazy phone users get all the fun toys. Now there is a long snake-like stand for your iPhone to keep you comfortable in bed or on the couch. iPhone Overhead Carpal Tunnel If you’re anything like me, you’ve been there: either late at night, or early morning, holding the iPhone up above your head so [...]


So pilots can use the iPad on an airplane, but you can’t? Here’s how that might be changing

So did you know that while you have to turn your iPad off in the back, your pilot is up in the cockpit playing Angry Birds? Okay, not really. He’s actually playing Draw Something with a new Cosmonaut. The FAA cleared the iPad and other devices for use in cockpits of commercial aircraft by pilots [...]


How far should iOS developers go in backwards compatibility? iOS 3.0? iOS 4.0? iOS 5.1? (by @jkhowland)

I create iOS apps. Seeing people use those apps can be a lot of fun. I’ve always been of the opinion that more app users is better. Because of that, I have been supporting iOS 3.0 for every app update since I started 3 years ago. As Joshua Aikens aptly put it, I wanted ‘Little [...]

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