8 Things That Are Not The Next iPhone [PHOTOS]

Before iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6?) rumors really get started, let’s look at things that are definitely not the next iPhone. Not this. Or this. This isn’t it either. Sorry, no. iPhone 30S, 30 lines of apps with lightning connector supported.… — DVDFab (@DVDFabber) September 20, 2012 Still no. Don’t count on this. Whoa, [...]


Thoughts on the new iPhone backplate pics (via @jkhowland)

The supply chain has spoken again. This is a new one however. The new iPhone parts that are being shown paint quite a different picture from the existing iPhone 4 and 4S. 9to5 Mac reported that they received backplate components of the next-generation iPhone. It was only the black plate at first, but now they’re [...]