6 Amazing Android Lollipop Features

I upgraded my Nexus 5 to Android Lollipop this week. While it does take a few days to get used to changes, I’m usually very excited for upgrades like this. Google has stepped up with Android 5.0 and included a lot of fun, useful, and exciting features. A smart thing that Google started doing a [...]


Everything You Need to Know About Google’s New Nexus 6

The latest and greatest Android experience is always found via Google’s Nexus lineup of devices. Since Google owns Android, these devices always get the latest version of the operating system before any other. Dating back to 2009, the company has partnered with different major OEMs to produce on device for a pure Android experience. These [...]


[Rumor] Google Doing Away With Nexus Program; Replacing With ‘Android Silver’

Rumors have been building for a while that the Google Nexus program – the initiative that brings high-performance, low-cost Android phones and tablets to the public free of carrier regulation – may be on the chopping block in Mountain View. The rumors suggest a new initiative called ‘Android Silver’ will begin next year, with Google [...]

Google Play Movies

How To Put Movies On Your Nexus Device

Although the screens on our phones are small, they are getting bigger and nicer. ¬†Every now and then, you might find it useful to have a movie to help pass the time. Obviously the best and easiest way is to purchase the digital copies from the Play Store. You’ll have access to your movies on [...]


Nexus 5 Now Available; 16 GB for $349, 32 GB for $399

It’s a Happy Halloween at Google today! After months of speculation and waiting, the LG / Google Nexus 5 is finally available for purchase in the Google Play Store. It’s been photoed and videoed extensively, so much so that Google didn’t even bother holding an event to announce it. Everything we expected has come to [...]


This Leaked Video All But Makes The Nexus 5 Official

2013 has been the year of unprecedented leaks. From Apple to Samsung, Motorola to LG, nobody seems to be able to keep their unreleased tech a secret anymore. We’ve seen a handful of leaked images and videos of the LG Nexus 5 for weeks now, so this hands on video is no surprise. We’re expecting [...]


The LG Nexus 5 Walks Into A Bar…

Like many of you, I’ve been anticipating and (patiently) waiting the arrival of Google’s next Nexus phone for months now. We’d all hoped to see it unveiled at Google I/O back in May, but mum has been the word around Mountain View. However, a recent chain of events has lead us to believe we’ll see [...]


The Google Edition Of HTC One And Galaxy S4 Are Now Available

As we told you about last month, the ‘Google Edition’ of two of today’s hottest smartphones are finally here. Beginning today, you can order the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 without their manufacturers’ skins and customization. For the HTC One, that means no Sense 5 skin. For the Galaxy S4, that means no TouchWiz. [...]


A “Pure Google” Version Of The Galaxy S4 Is Coming This Summer

You already know about the new Samsung Galaxy S4, which is now available on most carriers in the U.S. What you probably haven’t heard of yet is the Google edition of the phone, slated for launch June 26, directly from Google. It’ll be available in the Google Play Store for $650, fully unlocked (16gb model). [...]


Nexus 10 Tablet by Samsung: It’s Coming

It’s been expected for a while: Samsung and Google will soon be releasing their next Nexus tablet, and it’s going to be called the Nexus 10. We expect they’ll unveil the new Android tablet at the Google Event this coming Monday, Oct. 29th. I’ll be in New York City to bring you all the details [...]

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