Whoa, Amazon is Opening an Actual Brick and Mortar Store in New York City

According to the Wall St. Journal, web retailer¬† has plans to convert a 12-story building on 34th Street in Manhattan into a retail store, open to the public, in time for this year’s holiday shopping season. It’s an experiment, of sorts, considering the company has never had a brick and mortar presence in its 20-year [...]


NYC Residents: Google Says Not To Expect Google Fiber Anytime Soon

The buzz around the Internet lately has been that Google may soon be launching Google Fiber in/around New York City. It all started with this job posting for a Google Fiber Regional Sales Manager based out of the NYC office. Currently, Google only offers Fiber in three markets: Kansas City, Provo, and Austin. A Google [...]


A New Subscription Service Gives New Yorkers Unlimited Coffee For $45/month

It seems like there’s a subscription service for just about everything these days, doesn’t it? Music, movies, games, razor blades, clothes, female hygiene products, and now — coffee. A New York City start-up called ‘Cups’ is partnering with independent local coffee shops to give you unlimited coffee every month for as low as $45 bucks. [...]


Viral Video: BASE Jumpers Leap Nearly 1,800 Feet From Freedom Tower In NYC

I’m a skydiver, but this is nuts. Back in September 2013, three BASE jumpers leapt from the top of the then-unfinished Freedom Tower in New York City and strategically guided their parachutes to the ground some 1,776 feet below. The recorded the experience with a couple GoPro cameras. If you aren’t familiar with Freedom Tower, [...]


First Touchscreen Subway Maps In NYC Installed At Grand Central

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about the new, interactive touchscreen subway maps that the city of New York planned on installing in terminals around the five boroughs. In all, you’ll find 18 of the “MTA On-the-Go” kiosks throughout Grand Central itself, and the MTA plans on installing more of them at other [...]


NYC is Rolling Out the Nation’s Largest Free Public WiFi Network

If you live in the Big Apple, specifically Harlem, we’ve got good news. By the end of this month, the first of a two-part rollout will be complete on the Harlem WiFi Network. It will be completely free to the public, operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will offer speeds of [...]


Phone Coverage Coming To NYC Subways: Is It A Good Thing?

Last April MTA announced the campaign of bringing cell phone coverage to 30 Subway Stations, and recently Sprint has committed to the task of bringing connectivity to all 277 stations in New York, joining with T-Mobile and AT&T who have already begun the large undertaking. As a T-Mobile user, I was thrilled one day to [...]


Living In New York City With Google Now: The Features I Love And The Features I Wish It Had

For the first few months I was living in the city, I had an old phone that no longer held a charge or had room for many apps. In late February I was finally able to purchase a Nexus 4 and have spent the last 5 months in a relationship with Google Now that is [...]


AT&T Is Installing These Solar Powered Phone Chargers Around New York City (If You Find Yourself Without A ZAGGsparq)

In today’s world where we always have the need to be connected through our devices, a dead battery is hell. Luckily, we’ve created something to solve that problem. However, a new option will soon be available for all you New Yorkers. AT&T is installing cell phone charging stations around the city, powered by the sun. [...]


Here’s How An Android App Is Fighting Crime In New York

Google’s popular mobile OS is helping officers in the big Apple combat crime through an innovative, connected app. Last summer, 400 on foot NYC patrolmen were outfitted with Android smartphones that cannot make or receive calls, but rather, send and receive data from the force’s criminal databases. Officers can now access criminal records, photographs, license [...]

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