Microsoft Office Comes To iPad And Android

Since the iPad was first introduced in 2010, it’s been difficult for most to use as a production tool. Lots of us still rely on our computers for the heavy lifting and day to day tasks. We think of tablets more as consumption devices since they’re easy to cuddle up with on the couch. While [...]


Apple’s iWork Is Finally Coming To iCloud This Fall

This morning, I got an email from Apple about a new beta product they’ll soon be rolling out: iWork for iCloud. It’s the suite of productivity apps you might already be familiar with — Pages, Numbers and Keynote — but it works in your browser, allowing you to work from any computer, instead of being [...]


Microsoft explains why the Surface doesn’t have as much disk space as Microsoft says it does

We’re still uncovering things here and there about Microsoft Surface, the new tablet-style computer from Redmond. They released a 32GB and 64GB model for $499 and $699, respectively. But a funny thing happens when you open the box and turn on your shiny new Surface for the first time: in the case of the 32GB [...]

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A new iMac accessory made by Twelve South… HiRise

I’m a big fan on Twelve South. What ZAGG gives me for protection, Twelve South seems to give me for stands and accessories for the Mac and iPad. I’m a long time Compass and Magic Wand user. They make great stuff. Today they have taken the wraps off their latest product: the Twelve South HiRise. [...]


Tell Your Boss: Music at Work Boosts Productivity

Do you have a case of the Mondays? Is THIS your worst nightmare at the office? Fire up the closest laser jet (pray for no paper jams) and mash the ‘Print’ button on this new study called ‘Psychology of Music‘ – then hand it to Bill Lumbergh (or whatever your boss’s name happens to be) [...]


#WWDC 2012: Documents in the cloud is exactly what iWork needed (by @mrgnw)

iWork, Apple’s equivalent of Microsoft Office, is three years old. As WWDC 2012 approached, I prayed that Apple would update iWork. But what needed to be updated? Documents in the Cloud More than anything else, I wanted iWork to synchronize documents better between iOS devices and Macs. Documents in the cloud is exactly what was [...]


Don’t Shred That Paper, Turn It In To A Pencil Instead

Paper comes from trees. Pencils come from trees. It’s simple logic that has allowed the creators of the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor (P&P) to have this idea! Some offices still use paper and pencils to do business. This device allows those offices and companies to recycle their paper waste immediately and effectively. The P&P [...]


Microsoft vs. Google = You and I win.

Apple and Google are in a pretty obvious war. It seems that little things here and there are popping up, showing that the once sweet partnership is becoming more bitter every day. The interesting role in the story is a third party: Microsoft. Between the recent Googlighting video, and a blog post from Microsoft on [...]


Use Microsoft Office On Your iPad With CloudOn

A new app has been released called CloudOn that allows for you to view, edit, and create Microsoft Office files right on your iPad. Specifically you can use Word, Excel, or Power Point documents. When you first download the app you are required to sign into your Dropbox account. If you don’t have Dropbox yet you [...]

CloudOn [DONE] CloudOn brings Microsoft Office 2010 to the iPad! Yay

CloudOn brings Microsoft Office 2010 to the iPad! Yay?

CloudOn is Microsoft Office on the iPad. It was so popular that they had to pull the app. Various apps already let you edit Word and Powerpoint files, but they aren’t Microsoft Office on the iPad. This one looks identical to Microsoft Office on Windows. That’s nice, but it’s also the problem. Here’s what Wired [...]

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