How Does Netflix Work?

If you’re a big fan of movies or television shows, then Netflix is right up your alley.  Through a monthly membership you can stream movies or TV shows to your devices, or have DVDs delivered by mail.  Not every show or movie is available via streaming, but they do have a very vast collection.  So [...]

The End of DVDs

New Insights About the Netflix Price Change

The insanity! The overreaction is getting ridiculous. The market will take care of Netflix; it is the media that is inciting the mob. Even with a fee hike, millions of Netflix subscribers will be spending less each month than what it costs two adults to watch a single movie in a theater. Or have you [...]


YouTube’s Fresh Content

Is the Google-owned site, YouTube, following the example of Netflix? Possibly. About one month ago, Netflix announced that they have been talking about streaming their own exclusive programming – much like HBO. The video streaming and rental site has been trying to obtain the rights to the “House of Cards,” a classic U.K. political drama. [...]