These iOS 7 Features Were Not Mentioned In The WWDC Keynote

There is only so much you can say in 2+ hours. That was the case at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference keynote on Monday as the technology company highlighted the many changes and upgrades to their mobile OS, iOS 7 along with other Mac software and hardware announcements. What was left out though? What [...]


Why Did Apple Call It Mavericks?

While iOS 7 got most of the attention at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference this week, some TLC should be given to its desktop cousin, the Mac operating system, which got some significant upgrades as well. Most notably is the new name of the latest version of the OS itself. In the past, Apple has [...]


Mac OS X 10.9 Rumored Features: More icing on the cake

It used to be that when you wanted an update to your Mac’s operating system, you would just have to wait until Apple was good and ready to let you have it. These days, Cupertino’s release schedule is a lot more frequent and predicable which is a good thing for the impatient user. This year [...]

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Go Green With This Bamboo Smartphone

Yes, you read that correctly, a smartphone has been created from Bamboo. Well sort of. A Chinese manufacturer called AD, will be releasing this creative smartphone hopefully by the end of this year or beginning of 2013, starting the release in London. But why bamboo you ask? Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, the creator of this organic phone, [...]


BlackBerry and the new BBX

Will BlackBerry’s new integrated OS be able to bring it back to the top of the business world? BlackBerry has surely had its ups and downs over the years. Most recently with its worldwide outages that caused all users to be without emails and BBM messages for days. This week however, they did announced the [...]


Windows 8 Unveiled – Shows Big Changes

Microsoft has official unveiled new features of its up-and-coming operating system. The next generation OS, it’s yet to be determined if it will be called “Windows 8″, (its “internal code-name”), “delivers a completely re-imagined user interface, with a heavy emphasis on touch-based functionality that takes a hefty helping of inspiration from the Windows Phone UI”, [...]


Chrome OS Could Kill USB Drives. And That’s OK.

Google announced Wednesday that its first “Chromebooks” will go on sale in June. The basic idea of the Chromebook is that you’ll never have to use a traditional OS again. No more files and directories that run alongside your browser. Just the browser itself. All of your emails, photos, videos, and documents would simply be [...]


Happy Birthday OS X

Happy birthday old friend. Today, Mac OS X (‘operating system 10′ for you lacking ‘mac-speak’) turns its individual number of 10 years old today. It seems like just yesterday I was plugging away in school on some version of this software in Photoshop, playing Oregon trail, etc.. Mac OS X made its debut on March [...]