How To Instagram A Panorama

One of the great features that all smartphones are starting to incorporate these days is the ability to take a panoramic photo without having to manually and individually stitch each one together to create a panorama. Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, your Camera app probably has a Menu that [...]


Here’s An Incredible 360-Degree View Of Dubai From The Tallest Building In The World

Unless you’re planning a trip to Dubai in the near future, it’s impossible to find a view from this high above the ground, while still being firmly anchored to the ground, anywhere else on Earth. This incredible 360-degree, interactive panorama shows you just how amazing the view would be, if you were there. Pan around [...]


The Complete Guide: You Can Take Vertical Panoramic Photos With Your iPhone

In its latest iPhone keynote, Apple made a big deal out of the ability to take panoramic photos using iOS 6. Of course, the traditional panoramic photo is horizontal in nature. But what about the vertical panoramic photo. What if you want to capture a tall building or tree? The iPhone camera’s panoramic feature works for that [...]


Apple’s Secret iPhone Features – Hackery, but no jailbreaking required

Here are some secrets that require some hackery, but not jailbreaking. Apple buried some secrets in the iPhone’s OS that include an alternate keyboard that includes spelling suggestions, and a panorama mode for the camera. Spelling suggestions on the iPhone I’ve heard good and bad things about this keyboard. For users who want spelling predictions [...]