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Intel Is Turning Internet Security In To A Game

Online privacy and security has been a really hot topic these past few years. It seems that we can’t go very long before we hear of a celebrity’s account being hacked or a major security breach requiring everyone to reset every password. Because our passwords are so much a part of our lives, it is [...]


Due To Cyberattack, Ebay Asks Users To Change Passwords

This morning eBay announced that due to a cyberattack, they will be asking all users to change their passwords. Even if you are like me and haven’t used your eBay account for a long time, it’s still there, and that password still needs to be changed. eBay is assuring us that there has not been [...]


If Your Password Is On This List, You Should Change It Immediately

Every year, SplashData releases a list of the the most common passwords we use for services around the web. Think of your password for Facebook, Twitter, your email, PayPal, eBay, Pinterest, Pandora or Spotify, and others that require you to sign in. Is it easy to guess? If it’s on this list, the answer is [...]


The #1 Most-Common Password Is The Same As The #1 Reason The ’90s Ruled

A rare opportunity to analyze personal online passwords was presented after hackers exposed over 40,000 passwords in a Sony database. One expert’s research highlighted several interesting points, including the fact that the #1 most-used password is ‘seinfeld.’ It’s important to note that E! named Seinfeld “the “number 1 reason the ’90s ruled.” If you want [...]


OneID Aims to Make Usernames and Passwords Thing of the Past (post by @calebhicks)

Steve Kirsch, founder of OneID, has a very ambitious goal – make the need for usernames and passwords a thing of the past. He claims to have 352 usernames and passwords after years of using the web, and he’s tired of remembering them. He’s also tired of his passwords being stored on other servers that [...]


How to secure your new iPad’s personal hotspot from data thiefs (by @jkhowland)

If you’re like me, one of the driving factors to getting the new iPad was the blazing fast internet and personal hotspot capabilities of the newest model. In fact, in my area, Verizon LTE is faster than Comcast Xfinity. We’re loving our iPad. The problem is the new iPad’s data plans are a bit of [...]