Tesla Opens its Portfolio of Patents to Other Automakers in Hopes of Boosting EV Manufacturing

If there’s one thing unheard of in the technology world, it’s the sharing of vital patents. Companies spend millions waging all out war against each other in defense of them, in fact. Needless to say, it’s both a bit surprising, and refreshing, to see Tesla open its portfolio of patents to other automakers with the [...]


Here’s why the cost to legally send web URLs in text messages is $750,000

A company in Chicago, Helferich Patent Licensing, is reaping the benefits of the smartphone-connected world, hand over fist. As it turns out, the man behind the name, Richard Helferich, has a small, but powerful portfolio of patents dating back to mid-90s. One such patent covers the sending of web URLs in SMS messages. Helferich obtained [...]


Opinion: Thoughts on Innovation

On Friday, Apple won the landmark patent lawsuit against Samsung. Samsung’s response to losing the suit was a lot of ho-hum, but it focused on how the average consumer will be [negatively] affected the most, because innovation can now be stifled by courts and patents. First, I would argue the contrary. Innovation, in its true form, [...]


Quiz: Did you copy the iPad?

Let’s pretend we live in a world where the iPad never came in to being. If it helps, put yourself in the year 2009*. Now, think of a tablet and answer the following questions: Does your tablet run on a mobile OS (iOS) or a desktop OS (Windows) Is “PC” in the title? Is it [...]


Samsung and Apple both make amazing devices. We want them fighting each other in the marketplace, not the courtroom

Eight more patents Samsung? Really? I am not sure there are many economic drains as painful as the current patent system. Samsung and Apple are in a bitter patent war. Confused? Samsung is one of Apple’s largest suppliers of components for it’s devices. In fact, it’s Samsung that supplies the storage space for iOS devices. [...]


Microsoft vs. Google = You and I win.

Apple and Google are in a pretty obvious war. It seems that little things here and there are popping up, showing that the once sweet partnership is becoming more bitter every day. The interesting role in the story is a third party: Microsoft. Between the recent Googlighting video, and a blog post from Microsoft on [...]

Apples Gets Patent for Holograph Display System — in Time for iPhone5?

Apples Gets Patent for Holograph Display System — in Time for iPhone5?

A recent report by the US Patent and Trademark Office revealed that Apple just secured a fascinating new  patent: a 3D display and imaging system. What does that mean exactly? Well, in a word – holograms. Seriously. And there are a variety of possible applications, especially on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.  Although [...]


“Inspired by Apple” humorously mocks those who copy Apple

“Inspired” by Apple is a blog for Apple fanboys and Apple haters alike. The company highlights products that copy Apple. “Apple has some of the best industrial design in the world. And don’t these companies know it.” Apple fanboys can bask in Apple’s creativity, while Apple haters can use the blog to form delightfully snarky [...]


Apple and Samsung sitting in tree… Fighting like an old married couple.

The relationship between Samsung and Apple seems so complex. To us it is unclear how they can rely on each other so much for business on one side, and fight so gruesomely for intelectual property on the other side. The rumors are heating up that Apple is working with Samsung to produce the iPad 3 [...]

fuel cell system

Apple’s new hydrogen fuel cell patents could power your iPad for weeks

Apple has patented a new power source that could make iPhones and MacBooks last for weeks. Utilizing hydrogen fuel cells, this would provide more even power than the concept behind the 100-hour iPad. As a heavy iPhone user (addict), it would be incredible if my iPhone could go days without needing a charge. A super [...]