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Send Money Through Snapchat

Snapchat has just announced that you will now be able to send money through their app, due to their partnership with Square. Square Cash is an app that lets you send money to anyone for free. Mike posted about his experience using cash just a few weeks ago. Give it a read. He absolutely loved [...]


When it Comes to Transferring Money, Square Cash Makes PayPal Feel like Exchanging Gold Coins for Gunpowder and Fur. And it’s Free.

First, a quick story with some background. I’m a freelance travel photographer. I sell my images both digitally and in print, to individuals, magazines, websites, and agencies. I’ve always used PayPal for these transactions, regardless of who the customer is. When they pay, the money is immediately available on my PayPal debit card, or I [...]


Rumor: eBay Considering Spinning Off PayPal As Its Own Company

Reuters is reporting that eBay, one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, could consider “spinning off” its PayPal business unit into its own company as early as next year. The report comes at a time when PayPal is growing rapidly. According to Reuters, eBay has told candidates for the PayPal CEO position that [...]

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Amazon Enters The Mobile Payment Market With An Option Of Their Own

If you are a local business that still isn’t accepting cards, it is likely that you are losing a lot of business. Carrying cash is getting to be the exception instead of the rule. Companies like PayPal, Square, and Venmo assist with paying friends or family, or paying for goods and services with a card. [...]


Pay Your Bills Through Amazon Coming Soon

Reuters reported earlier today that Amazon will announce that they are entering into the third party payment market. What does this mean? It means that you, potentially, could pay your bills and pay for subscriptions through and you will not have to hassle with multiple payment accounts. This new service launches Monday and will [...]

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How Does PayPal Work?

If you’ve ever bought or sold anything on eBay, then you probably already have a PayPal account.  If you’ve ever bought anything online, then you probably should have a PayPal account.  Some people shy away from the whole thing because the thought of giving credit card information to a company is scary.  This just means [...]


That Awkward Moment When PayPal Makes You A Quadrillionare Then Takes It Away

56-year-old Chris Reynolds received a seemingly routine email from PayPal saying his monthly balance was a whopping $92,233,720,368,547,800. That’s over 92 quadrillion dollars. You may not have heard the word quadrillion before— that’s because it’s never had to be used. The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, can boast a $73 billion dollar fortune, but that [...]


Chirpify Allows You To Buy Products You See On Twitter Or Instagram Just By Replying “Buy”

We are visual beings. Why else do we respond so strongly to sites such as Pinterest and Instagram? The creators of both sites nailed it. Instagram lets us connect to other users in a more personal way and see aspects of brands and people we might not otherwise see. If you already spend a lot [...]

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Facebook Investor Tells Eric Schmidt ‘Google is Out of Ideas’

Google is often regarded as the tech company willing to try anything in the name of science and technology. It is that ‘try-anything’ attitude that has brought about Gmail, Google Glass, and self-driving cars. That’s why many were surprised at the jabs by PayPal founder and prolific Silicon Valley investor Peter Theil towards Google’s Eric [...]

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Bump Pay Makes Transferring Money Fun

Bump Labs has thrown all it has on black and is now launching an app that allows people to exchange money by tapping their phones together. The app is called Bump Pay and is built into the company’s existing core technology, which enables two smartphones using the Bump app to transfer data by being tapped [...]

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