PayPal rumored to be launching a mobile payment solution to compete with Square

Square, Intuit, and Verifone are the big dogs in the mobile payment space right now, but if rumors are true, Internet payment giant PayPal may soon be joining the fray. According to Gigaom, PayPay officials are preparing to announce a mobile payment solution for small businesses as early as this Thursday. The move would be [...]

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Chirpify: Exploring Twitter Commerce

Twitter recently took a new turn through Chirpify, a Portland, Oregon startup company looking to use the exploding network as a commerce platform. Chirpify unveiled its all-in-one tool last week, that allows users to monetize their tweets by tapping into PayPal. Chirpify can be used in three different ways; through Chirpify Commerce which focuses on [...]

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Scott Thompson moves to Yahoo!

The news of former President of PayPal Scott Thompson, leaving his position with eBay to work as Yahoo!’s CEO could not have come at a worse time. Thompson’s sudden move literally “shocked,” eBay’s CEO John Donahoe and the company itself. Although Donahoe had know about Thompson’s talks with Yahoo!, he was not aware of the [...]


Paypal ‘Ruins Christmas’ for 200 Underprivileged Children, Not Cats [Updated]

Regretsy, a popular blog for failed crafts, decided to do something awesome this winter. They organized a gift drive for over 200 underprivileged kids and invited their readers to donate to the cause. The readers responded so quickly and generously that Paypal decided to freeze the Regretsy Paypal account. Paypal refunded all unprocessed donations and [...]


Send money to your friends over Facebook with PayPal

Paypal wants you to give money to your friends on Facebook. Their app is simply titled “Send Money.” How convenient! Such a service would be incredibly convenient. I have no idea which of my friends have a PayPal account, and it’s not exactly easy to transfer money between banks. Most transactions will be free. You [...]


Transfer money to another person via AMEX Serve

You gotten back from a lovely, but expensive date with your wife and are just thanking your babysitter for another job well done when she informs you that her baby sitting rate has been raised, in fact, doubled. Annoyed at this bit of news, but thinking you can still escape the situation, you pull out [...]



Getting tired of all of the iPad 2 news? Well, here is a story a bit off the mainstream gadget path to clear your mind and ensue some good ol’ fashioned hilarity. Ever wish you had said something to someone who had wronged you but you didn’t get the chance? Maybe you were too shy [...]

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