Obama Campaign Will Use Square to Gather Donations

The strength of a presidential candidate’s campaign often comes down to how they utilize social media and mobile devices, since that is how many of the upcoming generation lives their lives.  The Obama campaign leaders know this (remember Obama’s heavy social media use during his last election period?) and they know that a lot of [...]


New Years App Resolutions

This morning after I woke up, I checked my phone to see if I had any Facebook notifications, emails or text messages.  After reflecting on the fact that I’m not very popular, I started looking at all of the other apps on my phone.  And I had a realization. I don’t use half of my [...]


Review — 2 years with Google Voice

Sprint customers can move their number to Google Voice. Should you? Google Voice comes with a number of benefits, most of which were highlighted by Joshua Howland in 7 Reasons You Should Move Your Number To Google Voice. After using Google Voice for two years, here’s what else I’ve noticed: PRO — Voicemail transcription Gmail [...]


7 Reasons You Should Move Your Mobile Number To Google Voice?

You can easily move your Sprint mobile number over to Google Voice. The question is, should you? Here are the top 6 reasons you might want to (with a bonus reason). 6 – You get one unified voicemail box. Any of you already using Google Voice know the hassle of having multiple voicemail inboxes. Anyone [...]

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Top 5 Holiday Must-Have Apps

With the holidays looming just around the corner there is always a lot to plan, cook, schedule and buy and phone apps can be the extra tool you need to get the job done. I’ve composed a list of 10 of the most helpful holiday apps to make your lives a little bit easier and [...]


The iPhone 3GS Is The Perfect Price

My parents just ordered quite a few new iPhones – one for all of their three kids and themselves. It surprised me that the cost of the phones was a bit of an issue. When you have to buy five phones all at once, the cost of the device can be a bit overwhelming (even [...]


Android and Zune Users: Got iPhone Dock incompatability Woes?

Okay, you know the deal. You own and Android phone or even an iPod shuffle, and you live in an iPhone world. It seems, that no matter where you go – hotels, cars, your mother’s kitchen, and any high quality speaker set – you find a 30-pin dock connector. I once saw a fridge with [...]

Want to be the first Google Wallet Customer? Too late.

There was a pretty good chance that this was going to happen. For many people it is a very memorable moment in the Seinfield franchise. For those of you who don’t or haven’t watched a lot of Seinfield, there is a bit from an episode called “Reverse Peephole” when George refuses to give up his [...]


Would You Buy A $220 iPhone Case?

Whenever people see my iPhone 4, I am often asked the question “Why don’t you have a case on it?”  A swirl of thoughts then run through my head, things like “I don’t want my phone to be bulky” or “I like the look of the iPhone 4 by itself, I don’t need some nasty [...]


iPhone 5 Design like the iPad 2? I’d Take That Spread

Talk about an industry with espionage, and a reason to get the inside scoop. Case makers are very interested in what the next iPhone will look like. They would love to get the leg up on their competition. For that reason, many case makers are placing their bets, and have manufactured cases for what they [...]

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