Want more free TV on your iPad!? Here you go…

I’m very excited about the latest NBC app update! The all-new NBC app allows you to take all your favorite NBC shows on the go. Watch the latest full episodes, view photos, read recaps, play games, keep track and see previews of upcoming shows, and interact with other fans. Features: – FULL EPISODES NOW AVAILABLE! [...]

Ipod classic / iPhone side-by-side

Ridiculous, New, And Ultra-Fake iPhone 5 Rumors You Haven’t Heard Yet

And I’ve seen and heard a lot of them. Trust me. There are a lot of good (and bad) rumors out there. My favorite is Awesome iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup by Here are some other rumors that I’m betting you haven’t heard yet: The iPhone 5 will be wider but thinner than the iPhone [...]


Super Thin, Smart, and New iPhone Keyboard Design

I think we all have visited a sweet Kickstarter project and thought: “Why the heck hasn’t somebody already done this”. Here’s a project you can see at This is the kind of product idea that makes your jaw drop. Jing Yang of eico Motion Lab in China has designed an iPhone keyboard he calls [...]

Phone hack

Too easy — How To Hack A Phone Number and How To Protect Yourself

How hard do you think it is to steal somebody’s phone number and get access to all of their voicemails? Not very hard. Check out the video: How to hack like the World reporter Let’s recap, just in case you are to busy (or lazy) to watch the video. How to hack into a person’s [...]


More iOS 5 deets: Custom Vibrations

iOS 5 keeps blowing me away. My latest research brings to light a feature with which you can not only set different vibrations for different contacts (for example “heartbeat” or “symphony”), you can create your own vibrations. Amazing, if you ask me. The logic behind the feature is to enhance accessibility capabilities; in other words, [...]


Streamlined Payments by Square for iPad & iPhone

On Monday, Square unveiled an update to its payment app for iPad and iPhone: Square Register.  This app benefits both users and merchants: users will be able to avoid lines and pay for their items quicker and merchants will have immediate information about their customers. Sounds like a win-win, to me. The original Square Register [...]


The future of sensors

Our phones know our lattitude and longitude; they know if we’re shaking them; they even know what direction we’re moving. It’s pretty incredible everything those little devices can do, but the next generation of phones is set to do even more. What do you think about devices that can sense your elevation? That can tell [...]

veer specs

Tiny Smartphones: HP Veer

One of my [many] excuses for not having a smartphone is the size: I want a phone that fits in the pocket of my skinny jeans. So I want it small. A little research told me that excuse isn’t valid anymore. The HP Veer is about the size of a credit card, so yes: it’s [...]

Desk Phone Dock

Desk Phone Dock

My parents recently got rid of their landline in favor of just using their cellphones. One less bill to pay – one less phone to answer. I completely support the idea. There is no sense in having a home phone, when most people never allow their cellphones to leave their hands or pockets. However, for [...]

HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt Sells for $130 on Amazon

If you are a new Verizon customer, you were in luck over the weekend. Verizon was offering new customers the opportunity to buy the HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon’s new super-phone, for only $130 this past weekend. The deal was set to end Monday at midnight. Those who were lucky enough to cash in on this deal [...]

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