AT&T + T-Mobile = 130 Million Customers

In a sweeping move, AT&T recently decided to buy T-Mobile from Deutsche Telecom for about $39 billion.  T-Mobile has about 35 million customers and acquiring these (if none of them decide to switch providers) will put AT&T far past Verizon Wireless, which currently has about 100 million subscribers.  The only other service provider with a [...]


EcoATM: Ca$h for Recycling Electronics

EcoATM is a start-up based company from California with a new and innovative idea. Their ATM machines allow users to deposit used electronics to be recycled in exchange for a cash reward. The company has placed around 15 machines throughout California, and in one year these kiosks have facilitated the recycling of over 50,000 electronic [...]


How do I contact thee? Let me count the ways

For this post, I’m going to need a little bit of concentration, thinking if you will. Please be thorough as I ask the following question. Lets say you need to contact your brother, what ways can you contact him? What about your mother? A co-worker? A close friend? Odds are you easily came up with [...]


Helping you feel the “G’s”

1G, 2G, red G, blue G? “So you’re saying the 2G iPhone had 3G?” You probably kind of know what 3G is. That’s the thing you pay for each month that gives you ‘internets’ wherever you go. Before that you must have had 2G something, but that was referred to as “EDGE” or “GPRS”, now [...]


myPhoneDesktop Review

Ever since HP’s revealed the Pre 3 and the TouchPad and showcased how they can interact with each other (ability to call and text from your TouchPad via your docked Pre 3, etc..) I’ve been slightly jealous. Although I love my iPhone, I wish it didn’t feel so much like an island. For example, I’d [...]


LivingSocial or Groupon?

For those of you who watched the Super Bowl, the LivingSocial “deal addiction” commercial might have been the first time you had heard of the site. Groupon is the standard for deal sites, but LivingSocial is giving it some serious competition. Amazon recently invested a large amount in the company, and has seen some additional [...]


College Acceptance Probability App: A Good Thing?

Just a little background before I get into this. I have just finished up my law school application process, and probably the most stressful factor of this was “what school can I get into” and then the waiting game for hearing back from schools about admissions decisions. The last thing that I needed during this [...]

best-buy buy back

Best Buy is Buying Back for Free!

Are you one of those early adopters out there who doesn’t have the bankroll to get every new product that is introduced to the market? Well now you can afford to be included in that 13.5% of the population who loves to be the first to have that new phone or iPod with Best Buy’s [...]

Google Latitude

Google Adds Check-in to Latitude

Google recently announced that the Latitude application for Google Maps 5.1 has added a new check-in feature. Google has decided to follow suite of sites like Foursquare, Facebook, and Gowalla who have their own check-in features. Google’s Latitude app is a feature that enables you to see where your friends are so you can meet [...]


Will Skype Ever Not be Free?

The new Skype 5.0 is now out of beta testing and ready for full use on Mac systems running at least OS X. This new version is similar previous versions, but boasts some impressive new features. Group video calling is now available for up to 10 individuals to video conference at one time. However, perhaps [...]

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