Google+ Introduces Google Stories

Google+ Introduces Google Stories

Last year Google announced that they would be helping us to organize our photos and videos so that we don’t have to. We can just live our lives, and have them do all the work. We’ve loved the many Auto Awesome movies that have been created for us and delivered to our phones or tablets. [...]


Instagram Passes 200 Million Active Monthly Users

In a blog post Tuesday, Instagram announced they’d crossed the 200 million active users mark, which is quite the figure for a company just three and a half years old. 50 million users have joined in the last six months alone. If you recall, the Internet nearly exploded when news broke that Facebook was buying [...]

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Upcoming App For Blind Photographers Is Full Of Unique Features

At first glance (seriously, no pun intended), you might wonder whether there are many blind photographers who need mobile apps in the world. It turns out, there are. And accessibility researchers at UC Santa Cruz want to help them take and share photos better. The researchers surveyed legally blind and partially blind tech users and made [...]


Instagram Photos Get 8,500 Likes Per Second

Photo-sharing social network Instagram is on fire. It released monthly usage statistics for the first time yesterday, and the numbers are impressive. More than 90 million people use the Instagram every month, and post more than 40 million photos to the service every day. Those photos generate more than 8,500 ‘Likes’ and 1,000 comments every [...]


Crowd Mug: Take Pictures And Make Money

No, this isn’t a flash mob for muggers. Hopefully they don’t ever make an app for that. Get a live view of a place This app does something more useful. Crowd mug lets you get a live preview of what a place looks like. The app lets you name the place, the price, and if [...]


Google’s Photovine Photo-sharing App Now Public

Photovine is a social photo-sharing app, which was just purchased by Google. It can turn out to be a sort of “telephone” game for photo sharing. One person starts the conversation with a photo and a title for that photo, and then someone tries to take a different photo that also matches that title. We [...]


Is Twitter Planning To Launch Its Own Photo-Sharing Service?

The rumors are out, and it looks like Twitter is planning to launch its own photo-sharing service. Twitter has been working to expand it app, and the photo-sharing is just one step in the company’s progress. According to an article from TechCrunch, Twitter plans to make the launch sometime this week. You may be wondering [...]


DailyBooth – The Next Big Thing?

DailyBooth is claims to be “one big conversation about your life, through pictures.” When you go to their website, you sign up and take a photo and start sharing through a live news feed. DailyBooth prides itself on connecting people to their friends in real-time through “the use of pictures, exciting blurbs, and conversation starting [...]


PhotoRocket: Even Easier Photo Sharing

PhotoRocket claims to be “The simplest way to share and receive photos. Ever.” But what is so unique about it that makes it better than PhotoBucket and other photo sharing sites? First reason, there is only one step. You don’t have to upload, email, resize, attach, or any other tedious activity in order to share [...]