Sony Introducing PlayStation Feature That Will Let Users Share Games Over Internet

A software update coming next week to Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming console will give users the ability to share their games over the Internet with friends, even if their friends don’t own that game themselves. The new feature will be called “SharePlay” and is part of the ‘Masamune’ — Version 2.0 — update to the [...]

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Sony’s New PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service Goes Live On PlayStation 4 [VIDEO]

PlayStation 4 owners on Thursday received access to many more games thanks to the open-beta debut of Sony’s streaming gaming service. The service is called PlayStation Now, and while Sony eventually plans to make the game streaming service available on TVs and set top boxes, the service is debuting on PlayStation 4. PlayStation Now allows [...]

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Playstation TV Puts Heat On Xbox At E3

The battle for ultimate home entertainment and gaming console continues. This year Xbox has already rolled out a less expensive Xbox one (minus Kinect) and announced the addition of 45 new apps that will be available for Xbox one and 360. With Xbox being so active already this year many were expecting big news from [...]


Next-Generation Xbox Rumored To Require Constant Internet Connection

Details about the next generation of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console (commonly referred to as the Xbox 720) are rumored to be released in the coming weeks, but one nugget of information that hit the rumor mill Wednesday could seriously disrupt the way that gamers play video games. A report from ArsTechnica and several other sources [...]

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Skype comes to the Vita

With the PS Vita gaining more and more popularity throughout the world today, it’s not surprising to see an application that would make it even more of a hot item. Recently, it was announced that Skype will soon be available for the PS Vita. It has been announced the this app will be free through [...]


This is the PlayStation Vita

Image Source PlayStation brings us the latest and fastest technology in it’s new mobile gaming device, the PS Vita. As a successor the the PSP the Vita comes with many new and never before scene features. The main specs are a 5″ OLED screen which produces up to 16 million colors, a quad-core ARM processor, [...]


Sony Creates Advanced Augmented Reality Movie

Sony recently shot three amazing videos to promote the “immersive experience” created by renting or purchasing movies from the PlayStation Store. The video was shot in one take, in real-time, and relied solely on visual tricks. Sony claims that by using motion-tracking, projection-mapping software, and a PlayStation Move motion controller they created a realistic, virtual-reality, [...]

Sony’s sweet illusion videos without post production editing

Your about to see some videos made on behalf of Sony Europe by Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast. Projection mapping made this video worth the watch. Sony managed to create some of the most mind-blowing visual illusions you can find anywhere online. Some might call this the realization of a virtual ‘holodeck’. All without [...]


From Kobe Bryant to 3D, Sony was busy at the E3 Expo

At the recent E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Sony announced the PlayStation Vita.  As exciting as that announcement was, there were other highlights from Sony’s press conference.  From televisions to video games and even the recent hack of the PlayStation Network, let’s take a look at what we learned. Of course, the biggest question everyone [...]


Say Hello to the PlayStation Vita

In the gaming world, one of the biggest questions people have is what’s next?  With technology always changing and improving, consumers want the next and best product available.  That was on of the major questions posed to Sony at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles.  The answer is the PlayStation Vita.  The Vita is [...]

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