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Hilarious Meme: The Rough 90s for Dawson

For those of us who lived through the 90s, this meme should be a special treat.  Internet, television, Pokemon, and even school woes that made you want to cry when you were younger are all highlighted here. If you need an explanation, they probably aren’t going to be funny for you. Here are some pictures [...]

little masters

Hey Pokemon fans, an iOS app just for you is on its way

I was a Pokemaster growing up. Twice, in fact. Once in elementary school when I got all 151 Pokemon on my Red cartridge, and once in high school when I did it again during AP Calculus. And ever since I’ve been able to get apps on my smartphone, I’ve had the itch to catch ‘em [...]


Is World of Warcraft Giving Up On the U.S.?

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria may not be all that people are hoping it to be.  The upcoming expansion for the MMORPG giant World of Warcraft promises to be a very…interesting expansion on the game.  A new playable race, Pandaren, ( a very panda-like race) seem to me to be a little too cute [...]


WoW Mists of Pandaria Thoughts & Impressions

Alright, I’m going to write about the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria.  I really have no idea if there are any ZAGG readers who actually like reading about game reviews and such, but I enjoy writing about them, so they will keep coming until someone stops me. First off, my initial impression [...]