[POLL] Are you buying iPad Air or iPad mini this Friday?

This Friday, Apple’s new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display will go on sale in Apple Stores and retailers around the country. We want to know: are you buying? And if so, which one have you decided on? Let us know in the poll below. And, in case you’re wondering, we’ve got brand [...]


Which smartphone would you absolutely never buy? This survey has the results.

There’s never been a time where you’ve had more choice about the device you carry with you everywhere, everyday. Yet, we as consumers typically gravitate towards one brand or platform of choice, while shutting out the others. This poll found that 19% of people would absolutely never buy an iPhone. Roughly 1 in 5 people. [...]


When it comes to smartphones, how big is too big? [Poll]

Remember when mobile phones were huge? So big, you had to carry them in a bag? Their battery lasted all of 30 minutes worth of talk-time and they had cumbersome retractible antenas? And then they started getting smaller. Then the external antenas went away, to be replaced internally. They shrank so small, the buttons were [...]


Mom Gives Her 13-Year-Old Son An iPhone For Christmas — Plus An 18-point Contract To Go With It

In this day and age, it’s more and more common to see a teenager with a smartphone. Prices on devices have dropped in recent years, and the monthly service reasonably affordable, too. One mom, Jannel Burley Hofmann, bought her 13-year old son Gregory an iPhone for Christmas, and wrote the following letter / contract to [...]


#SWSLC presents TweetGraph – See what people think. Hey Twitter, @tweet_graph is watching you.

Alex Lawrence was a judge at Startup Weekend Salt Lake and posted a tweet claiming that he was influenced by this free swag. TweetGraph gave him this t-shirt. “What do your Twitter followers think?” “See what people think.” “At a glance.” “In real time.” Go on Twitter right now and search #badhairslc (or just click [...]


You Decide! Who deserves a free ZAGGsparq? (Plus, enter to win one just by voting!)

And the winners are… (Note to winners: We will contact you individually about shipping your prizes. Please do not call customer service) @charlieraf @bbh6496 @cuteculturechic Tanner Hougen Tyler Starkenburg @the_cooler Josh Wright @OmegaNemesis28 Briar Lee Schlegel Kurt Blais The 2 voter winners will be emailed. We asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans to tell [...]


Facebook Usage a Majority in America

Last week I had the unique opportunity to hear Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook speak at a technology forum with US senator Orrin Hatch on the campus of Brigham Young University. Moments before the event, I noticed in my Twitter feed that according to Edison Research, Facebook had finally tipped the scales and [...]

[UPDATED] POLL: Which are you most excited about, iPad 2 or iPhone 5?

There is a lot of buzz and rumors surrounding both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. Both the iPhone 4 and iPad have seen success among mobile device users. So let us know, which are you most excited about? Results: iPad 2 – 47% iPhone 5 – 42% Neither – 11% Loading…

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[UPDATE] POLL: Which was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

[UPDATE] As of 7:32 PM MST the results are Looks like out of the “other” commercial votes, people liked the following: ZAGG users it’s poll time. I picked 6 of the stand out commercials from this years Super Bowl and now it’s time to vote on which was your favorite. I have a brief synopsis [...]