Power Your Devices With Your Own Pedal Power

Check out this Kickstarter project. Friends Andy and Steve are avid cyclists and are working on using peddling a bicycle to generate energy that will power our devices. How will your habits change when you realize how much you have to pedal just by turning on a light? How much would your lifestyle change if [...]


Study: It Takes More Electricity To Power An iPhone For A Year Than A Refrigerator

As noted by, a recent study by Digital Power Group on the amount of power required by our digital ecosystem reveals several interesting statistics. It takes more electricity to power an iPhone for a year than a refrigerator, and if you add an hour of mobile streaming video each week, make it two refrigerators. [...]


This $16 Solar-Powered Light Provides 15 Square feet Of Light For Up To 12 Hours

A company called MPowerd has developed a new solar-powered light for third-world and developing countries, called Luci. It uses a rechargeable lithion-ion battery, which gets its juice from the sun. Luci takes approximately 6 hours to charge, then provides anywhere from 6-12 hours of light. Luci weighs just 4 ounces, making it lightweight and easily [...]


$70,000 KickStarter project makes plugging in iPhone in the dark an illuminating experience

Most of us these days use our cell phones as an alarm clock. If we’re not using our devices to help wake us up each morning, we almost certainly have them sitting on the table beside our beds at night. It’s just the way it is. For me, when I go to bed each night, [...]


The PowerPot is a cooking pot that doubles as a portable electric generator. Charge your smartphone on the campfire.

You’re out camping in the mountains with your buddies. Everyone is sitting around the fire listening to some great 1980s rock blaring out of the iPhone speaker, when suddenly, the low battery alert comes on. Sure, you could have lugged a generator to the campsite, or you could hike back to the car and charge [...]

Paint your house with electricity: cheap solar powered paint is the future.

You can bet there are students out there spending their time creating their own problems rather than attempting to solve the world’s. Notre Dame Researching World Changing Tech The video below shows that Notre Dame researchers have successfully developed solar cells that can be easily painted on to any conductive surface. Basically, they’ve created a [...]


Soon, your iPad could last 100 hours…

Imagine having an iPhone or an iPad with a 100-hour operating battery life. The dream isn’t too far away. Scientists have developed a battery with a capacity up to 10 times as large as current batteries. How it works Most batteries currently use graphene to handle the transfer of electrons. This new technology utilizes silicon, [...]


Japanese nuclear plant launches Twitter page

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) recently launched a twitter page that allows users to follow the plant damages caused by the horrific earthquake. TEPCO is using the page to confer any information about safety concerns on radiation leaks. In its first day, the page had well over 200,000 followers. While you may want to [...]

ZAGGsparq 2

ZAGGsparq Review

Full disclosure: While I am an independent tech blogger for ZAGG, they did give me some of their products to try, not requiring a review at all, but could choose to if we wished. I wished. When I first got the ZAGGsparq, it was one of those products you initially aren’t sure if you will [...]