How To Prank Someone With A Prank Trimmer App [VIDEO]

There are a few prank trimmer apps available for iPhone and Android [iPhone] [Android]. The apps simply play the sound of an electric hair trimmer. When used properly, it’s an excellent tool for pulling pranks. Watch the video above to see it in action.

Rick Roll Google Glass Voice Command

How to Rick Roll Anyone Wearing Google Glass

Want to have a little harmless fun with someone you see wearing Google Glass? Thanks to Google Glass Voice Commands, it’s actually pretty easy. Just walk up to them within range of their headset and say: OK Glass, make a call to 985-655-2500. The phone number goes directly to a pre-recorded Rick Roll, courtesy of [...]


Here’s A Hilarious Guide To Pranking Your Friends Over Text Message

Alex Lawrence is featured on Episode 4 of Make It Yours. He recently tweeted a Quora link to an awesome way to prank your friends via text message. Here’s the guide: Tweet us if you decide to give this a shot.


How To Prank People With Their Own Facebook Profile

This is an old trick, but most people still haven’t seen it. If you click this URL (, it’ll load YOUR Facebook profile. I’m talking to each of you individually here, because it loads the profile for the person logged in at that time. The numbers at the end of the URL don’t matter at [...]


Prank Your Friends With These Tech Gifts

Have you ever seen a Prank Pack product? They make $8 boxes to put the real gift inside. “Prank Pack fake gift boxes appear to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies. Just pack your real gift inside, sit back and revel in your gift recipient’s half-hearted enthusiasm.” They have some fun tech boxes to wet [...]


Severed Head Teddy Bear: The perfect USB drive for Halloween

You know how much I love USB drives. And this is the season for special USB drives. Halloween is a fun time. We get to dress up, eat candy, and rip the head off of a fluffy teddy bear. Without the decapitation, it’s more of a Valentines Day product. However, when you see this little [...]


Apple employee breaks boxes full of iPhone 5s [Prank Video]

This video doesn’t need any introduction. Check it out. When you’re done, let me know what you think on Twitter! —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. If Twitter isn’t your thing, fear not, you can always keep up with Mike on his personal blog as well at: [...]


Hilarious easter egg, exclusive to the Apple II, turns everything you knew about computers upside-down

I’m a big fan of easter eggs. In fact, many of my articles contain easter eggs. Jordan Mechner created a brilliant surprise in the Apple II version of his video game Karateka. When you insert the floppy disk upside-down, the game is also upside-down: Not only does this make the game harder, it could really [...]


Turn Off Any TV With This $20 Gadget

Remember buying that universal remote, standing outside your neighbor’s living room window and turning his TV off? Back then, remotes like that would cost around $50.00. They were also hard to carry around and hide whenever you wanted to be sneaky about your pranks. Not only is the TV-B-Gone good for pranks but it can [...]

Boxed set

April Fools 2011 Recap

Ah, April Fool’s Day. Adored by many and hated by many others. The pranks and chain yankin’ of the season has moved hard core onto the internet as many companies and sites take advantage of a little leg pulling and the chance to have a bit of fun with their readers. Below are a few [...]