Here’s A Look At The Cost Of An iPhone 5s Around The World

Here in the U.S., you can purchase a 16 GB iPhone 5S for $649 unlocked and without a carrier contract. The rest of the world typically buys their phones this way; that is, devoid from lengthy, restrictive contracts. There’s no such thing as an “upgrade” with a subsidized handset. We’ve seen T-Mobile go that way [...]


When Can You Buy A Galaxy S4?

Samsung announced more details about the launch of the much-awaited Galaxy S4 this morning. Mum is still the word for a couple major US carriers, though. We know it’ll be coming to the following 7 companies in the US, though. Here’s the most current information we have: AT&T – $199 w/ two-year contract Pre-orders: April [...]

comcast pricing cap

Comcast Testing Different Pricing For Heavy Bandwidth Users

Comcast is the nations largest cable internet provider, and has come under fire for new plans to manage bandwidth capacity. Since 2008, Comcast has had a soft bandwidth cap of 250GB per month, which raised to 300GB in May. Comcast is currently testing two pricing structures for overages: Bump all plans to 300GB and charge [...]


Apple doesn’t give any media form special treatment, just ask the DOJ

Apple is currently facing a lawsuit against the Department of Justice, in which they are claiming that Apple’s agency model is a product of conspiracy. Traditional Media Newspapers, magazines, and other traditional media outlets want a pass. They don’t even want to pay the 30% that Apple is being sued against. ‘I don’t think you [...]

The new iPad price Wi-Fi LTE

How much does the new iPad cost?

The iPad 1 was released to the market with the very competitive price of $499 for the 16GB version. You could then double the amount of storage for $100 or you could add 3G for $130. For the last 3 years this price has not change and neither did it with the new iPad. The [...]