This iPad Accessory Is For Expert And Beginner Guitarists — You Strum Real Strings Too

The JamStik comes from a company called Zivix (even the name is cool). It’s a little MIDI guitar that works with real guitar strings, works wirelessly over Wi-Fi and has a small design for portability. The biggest feature is that it supports string bending “thanks to the way it detects finger movement on the neck”. [...]


Curved mouse concept wants to make it easy to carry around a mouse with a laptop

For many users the trackpad simply isn’t an option. I have friends that will only use the mouse. The difficulty is carrying around the mouse with your laptop. The idea of the Clip Mouse is then born. Design Competition In a design competition by Lite-On this was created by Frank Guo. The mouse is made [...]


Coming soon? Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon Touch

The ThinkPad is one of the most successful windows laptops, and arguably one of the best made. I love my MacBook Pro, and all of the design decisions that Apple has made. An argument can be made that Lenovo (and IBM before them) are making solid design decisions. Ultrabook Touch The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon [...]


Facebook will add automatic photo upload to its iPhone app soon

There are a couple of ways to look at the new feature that Facebook is testing for iOS. First, you can think of it as a easy solution if you need to back up your photos. Second, you can think of it as a way for Facebook to capture even more of your life. Easy [...]


An iPad steering gadget for the serious gamer

A square iPad doesn’t always feel right when you play a racing game and need to turn the device side to side to turn your race car. Kolos has created a steering wheel product that should make you feel like you’re in an arcade when you’re playing that iPad racing game. Flying and Racing With [...]


Prank Your Friends With These Tech Gifts

Have you ever seen a Prank Pack product? They make $8 boxes to put the real gift inside. “Prank Pack fake gift boxes appear to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies. Just pack your real gift inside, sit back and revel in your gift recipient’s half-hearted enthusiasm.” They have some fun tech boxes to wet [...]


No headline can do this AT-AT Walker justice. Check it out for Grandpa

Back in 2007 Rick Russo wanted his son Reed to “get to know the original Star Wars as soon as he came out of the womb.” The man hacked his stroller and turned a simple stroller into an AT-AT. It’s not just about the kiddies thought right? Star Wars was made to be enjoyed by [...]


Intrigued by the Mobius strip? Love artistic design? Want a manly shave? Check this out.

I thoroughly enjoy a good shave every morning. I recently got a mid-level Art of Shaving kit, which of course makes me a shaving connoisseur. The shaving kit comes with a brush, oil and cream, but not with a razor. Looking for something special I came across the Mobius on Yanko Design. Like a sculpture [...]


Wooden Floppy Drives. The coaster of the true geek.

Now for something delightfully geeky. Remember those old floppy disks? They may only hold a few kbs of data, but the retro charm is more than just memorable. These unique coasters do not only protect your table, but would make a wonderful gift and decoration for any home. A taste of youth You have to [...]


Tim Cook thinks Apple’s new products will “Blow your mind.” Which ones?

I’m a sucker for news headlines like this: Apple Readying ‘Products That Will Blow Your Mind Why? Because it’s something that I want to be true. Tim Cook was recently addressing shareholders for the first time since he officially took his position as CEO. Cook speaking to the investors wasn’t new, and his position wasn’t [...]

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