Scratch And Scratch Jr Will Teach You And Your Kids To Code

“Coding is the new literacy!” -ScratchJr Whatever we think we know about computers now, our kids will need to know so much more. With ScratchJr, it is within our power to prepare them for that future. ScratchJr is a FREE iPad app that teaches kids (ages 5-7) to code. Here is an introduction and explanation [...]


This Tiny Flying Camera Follows You Around And Films Your Every Move

People are doing more and more with quadricopters. The MeCam was invented to make it easier to record and share videos of yourself. MeCam Today people capture and share their photos and videos using archaic methods and with mixed results. The MeCam launches from the palm of a hand and hovers instantly. The MeCam streams video [...]


Codecademy Launches New Courses To Teach Your How To Build API Apps

Codecademy, the web-based startup whose founders aim to teach anyone online how to code and program, launched a new set of courses this week that they hope will help users learn to build applications that can interact with APIs. APIs, or application programming interfaces, are, uh, interfaces that help software talk to each other. Whether [...]


Hilarious easter egg, exclusive to the Apple II, turns everything you knew about computers upside-down

I’m a big fan of easter eggs. In fact, many of my articles contain easter eggs. Jordan Mechner created a brilliant surprise in the Apple II version of his video game Karateka. When you insert the floppy disk upside-down, the game is also upside-down: Not only does this make the game harder, it could really [...]


Play Angry Birds with a real slingshot! (DIY Project)

You’ve probably played Angry Birds, or at least heard of it by now. But have you played it with this awesome slingshot controller? The slingshot can detect the angle of the slingshot and the strength of your pull, so you can play Angry Birds as it was meant to be played. The computer recognizes it [...]


Microsoft wants programmers to play while coding

Microsoft wants programmers to play games while programming. When programming with Visual Studio Achievements, you can unlock special achievements. As Joystiq writer Jessica Conditt put it, “Microsoft put games in your code so you can game while you code games.” Whoa. That’s a mouthful. Here’s Microsoft’s explanation: “A software engineer’s glory so often goes unnoticed. [...]

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Making an awesome game? Indie Fund can help you out.

Need funding to develop a game? Get funding from Indie Fund. Indie Fund is a funding source for independent developers, created by a group of successful indies looking to encourage the next wave of game developers. How to get funding: In a nutshell, Indie Fund works on a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” policy: [...]

Cubelets – Robotic Blocks You Build And Interact With

Cubelets – Robotic Blocks You Build And Interact With

These are some of the coolest little gadgets I’ve seen in a while. They’re basic building blocks that are based on the connection of sensors, motors, and feedback devices. The robots actually interact pretty well with the world around them. Cubelets snap together to form robots that can move, turn, detect or emit light or [...]


16 year old builds a business with his app, and gets a billionaire’s funding.

The Next Web has a great post on the latest wiz kid, Kick D’Aloisio. His app idea has been around for a long time, in fact he released an app called Trimit to start the service off. His app was revamped, funded by Hong Kong Billionaire Li Ka Shing, and relaunched this week as Summly. [...]


YouTube’s Fresh Content

Is the Google-owned site, YouTube, following the example of Netflix? Possibly. About one month ago, Netflix announced that they have been talking about streaming their own exclusive programming – much like HBO. The video streaming and rental site has been trying to obtain the rights to the “House of Cards,” a classic U.K. political drama. [...]