mybunjee iphone cable grip protection case

Safety First: A bungee cord for your smartphone

Over in the UK sometimes they have some fun products. MyBunjee is a funny little guy. Bunjee Protection You have a wireless phone, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it that way. You can hook a bunjee cord to it, and then your device will be protected from falling the distance from your [...]

blasting an iPhone with lasers

Melting iPhone 5 With A Laser [VIDEO]

We’ve already seen the iPhone 5 destroyed by a bullet. Now it gets melted by a laser. Check out the video below: Joshua Howland Joshua is a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. His favorite posts to write compare companies and products. He loves sports and start ups and talks about them (along with [...]


The Industrial iPhone Bumper With Built In Stand

I love to peruse the Kickstarter projects for sweet new designs. This is the first time I’ve found a pre-announced Kickstarter project: The Idostand. I love the industrial glass and metal of the iPhone. I don’t like to cover it up with anything but an Invisible Shield. In some situations, I have a bumper for [...]

Hold the Phone

Never drop or lose grip on your phone again with Thing Sling

At CTIA the Droid Guy made a stop at a small booth that offered a great product. He found a product that many would have found very useful over the last few years. The little gadget is called the Thing Sling. The Thing Sling is a little piece of plastic with a small elastic attached. Users then attach [...]

Chad’s Broken iPad

Getting the most out of your Apple products warranty

Buying a new product often comes with many extra products to protect the device. Keep your product clean and in one piece is always on the mind in case you decide to resell or upgrade one day. Sometimes there are things that happen that you just cannot fix or change the outcome of problems. Apple [...]

property insurance 2

How I Use Property Insurance To Protect My Gadgets Against Theft Or Damage

There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash on a new gadget, only to have it broken or stolen shortly thereafter. There are a number of things you can do to protect your new tech toys, with some not quite as obvious as the others. First off, you should [...]


What is Gorilla Glass 2 and Does It Work?

It seems to me that CES is only indirectly about the consumer, but I might be missing something. Gorilla Glass is making a move. They’ve been able to make the glass 20% thinner. Corning has already had a lot of success getting their glass in electronics by selling to the manufacturers. They’re in the iPhones, [...]


How to protect your car from your neighbor throwing his pliers or power drill at it.

This little baby actually is pretty cheap depending on your car. They start at $269 and go up to $419 depending on the size. How many times have you looked at your car and thought “man, I wish I could put it inside a bubble.”? Odds are that this doesn’t come to mind very often. [...]

G-Form makes athletic pads for sports, so they dropped an iPad from 1300 feet

G-Form makes athletic pads for sports, and used the same technology to make some intense iPad cases. They’ve shown a trust in their product – or a distaste for Apple’s tablet – because they dropped a bowling ball, and threw it out of a plane at 500 feet. As of today they’ve more than doubled [...]

iPhone 4S ZAGGskin 2

How To Make Sure People Know You Have An iPhone 4S

The day is finally here! You can now get the super powered iPhone. The reviews are in and it seems one thing is very clear, the iPhone 4S looks exactly like the iPhone 4. When you get your iPhone 4S today and take it out and about tonight don’t be surprised when no one recognizes [...]

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