Original iPhone Prototype Sold For $1,500

A rare original iPhone prototype sold on eBay earlier this week for $1,499. It was listed by a seller in Australia claiming it’s one of only 5 in existence. A similar device had been listed on eBay a few weeks before, but the auction was pulled mysteriously and the item no longer listed for sale. [...]


Here’s an iPhone keyboard concept that measures vibrations to figure out what key you’re typing [video]

The iPhone can pick up some killer vibrations with it’s accelerometer. In fact, one developer Florian Krautli has come up with a prototype Vibrative Virtual Keyboard for the smartphone. The Vibrative Virtual Keyboard uses the iPhone’s accelerometer sensor to “measure the amplitude of tiny vibrations that emerge when a person is ‘typing’ on a hard [...]


You’ve Never Seen This iPhone Prototype Before [Updated]

You’ve probably never seen an iPhone quite like this before. Most of the world hasn’t. But alas, this one is up for grabs to the highest bidder. Bidding starts at $4,500 and the price tag for an immediate deal: $10 grand. For that kind of money, the potential amount of buyers will be reduced substantially. [...]


Another Apple iPad Prototype Hits eBay, Sells for $10,200

The Verge reports that a prototype of the first-generation iPad hit eBay with a starting price of $4,800, and eventually sold for $10,200. What makes this prototype interesting is the addition of a second dock connector for landscape docking. This landscape docking was a widely rumored feature leading up to the launch of the iPad, [...]