Here’s How Mercedes Is Using QR Codes To Help First Responders

When it comes to rescue responses at car crashes, time is of the essence. Mercedes-Benz is looking to take those pesky black and white QR codes and turn them into timesavers for emergency personnel responding to a crash. Many times, first responders need confirmation of where to cut into a car to rescue its trapped [...]


Introducing Code d’Urgence: Your Medical History in a QR Code

A solution has been found in France for providing critical medical information on the scene of an emergency. The solution is Code d’Urgence, a QR code that securely stores medical history and emergency contact information for medical professionals to have instant access to. The QR code can be purchased for a yearly subscription of 36€ [...]


Planned Parenthood puts QR codes on condoms. It’s essentially the Foursquare of getting frisky.

Well! Here’s something I didn’t expect to see enter the tech world: condoms with QR codes. Say what?? In a new campaign from Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, 55,000 condoms have been distributed around local colleges and universities with a QR code, allowing them to be tracked at a website called Users can [...]


QkR app lets you order popcorn from your seat

Movies & popcorn is an age-old tradition. Now you can order snacks from your seat with an app called QkR. I always want snacks at movies, but I often don’t decide that I want something until I’m already sitting down. How it works: QR + NFC From Springwise: “QkR — pronounced “quicker” — was developed [...]


Are QR Codes Worthless?

I’ve been having a debate inside my head lately about QR codes and whether or not they’re completely worthless.  Sure, it’s a cool idea- scan this code with your smartphone and receive more information, coupons, special deals, whatever.  But not everyone knows what a QR code is.  Many people will recognize a QR code since [...]


Want Pizza? Wave At Your TV

I just read the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett (I know it’s a women’s book, but it’s really good, okay?  The movie is also really good) and there was a particular scene in it that stood out to me.  A box was invented that you place on top of your television, allowing you to [...]

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Scan me, please?

Don’t worry, I’ve already made a shirt with my QR code. Im in love with this new program, called Jumpscan. Yes thats right, in love. Forget me paying to get my business cards done, and scan me. After scanning this on one of many QR apps (For Blackberry QR Code Scanner Pro, For iPhone Optiscan, For Android QR [...]