The Battle of Music Streaming Apps

The Battle of Music Streaming Apps

Rhapsody is an online music streaming service that allows you to play your music, your way. It allows you to build playlists of your favorite artists, genres, and songs or Rhapsody will choose a radio station based on your favorites. Choose from a list of millions of songs including full albums. You can even download [...]


This 1987 Pizza Hut Radio Was The Raddest

This Pizza Hut Radio could be found for $12.95 at RadioShack. Here’s a pic from their catalog back in 1987. Imagine listening to U2, Bon Jovi, and the Bangles on these pizza pipes. Headphones that look like pizzas equals a major win! Original article on BuzzFeed can be found here.


Pandora Will Limit Users To 40 Hours of Free Streaming Per Month

Pandora announced in a blog post yesterday that it will begin limiting mobile users to 40 hours of free usage per month. If you have Pandora One, you’ll still have unlimited access and no advertisements. Also, listening to Pandora from your computer will not be affected by the limit. In the post, Pandora founder Tim [...]


Spotify Now Has 1,000,000+ Paying Subscribers in the U.S.

At a press event in New York this morning, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek discussed some big milestones. Check out these numbers, keeping in mind Spotify just came to the U.S. last year. – More than 1 million paying subscribers (Spotify has $4.99 and $9.99 monthly plans) – Spotify has paid more than $500 million to [...]

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Spotify Adds Free Radio Features to iOS Apps

Until now, Spotify’s iOS applications have only been accessible by Premium subscribers ($9.99/month). But the company has released a Pandora-esque radio update to the application, no premium account required. The Radio feature lists the stations you’ve listened to recently, and you can give tracks the thumbs-up or thumbs-down to give Spotify a better idea of [...]


Pandora vs. Grooveshark

I was once an avid user of Pandora radio online.  Recently I discovered Grooveshark.  If you love Pandora you are going to hate this article, because Grooveshark is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Pandora is an internet radio site that tailors the music played to the genre/type of music [...]