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Reading Books On Your Devices, And Which Service is Best For You

Now that we’ve all got tiny computers that we carry around everywhere we go, we’ve now got access to all the information. All of it. Almost all the time. Are we using these little computers to improve our lives and gain knowledge, or just to read about what someone on Facebook made for dinner? Without [...]


Rediscover News with this App that Reads It to You

A few weeks ago, I was really sick. Not only did I have the flu, but a few days later, I got a massive cold. I got hit with the works—sore throat, completely stuffed-up nose, ears, and head, a cough, a fever. I was miserable. I didn’t want to eat or drink. I didn’t want [...]


Save the Best for Later with Pocket

It’s a beautiful thing when a program is usefully integrated in all the right places in your digital life. Such is the case with Pocket. This handy app/content organization system allows you to save articles, videos, and anything else you see online so you can view it later, when you have time. Use Pocket with [...]


Bedtime Story: Google Books adds ‘Read aloud’ feature

One of the best features the Kindle had on Google was that it could read your books to you through your headphones. Google has released a major update to the Google Play Books application with some pretty awesome features and enhancements. The ‘Read Aloud’ feature is exactly what you’d request. The app is able to [...]


Glasses that let you see ahead while laying flat on your back.

Whatever Works The site Whatever Works has some great little finds. Little things that take care of those little quirks in our lives. They have pouches that scare away squirrels, a wrist band that holds your cell phone, and earlobe repair stickers. Of course, they have glasses that let you see ahead while laying flat [...]

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Take a Look, It’s in a Book, a Reading Rainbow (App)

PBS’s Reading Rainbow was finally cut in 2009 after a 26-year run. Even though it was dropped because nobody wanted to fund it, there are millions who enjoyed the programming over the decades. LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow’s host, says that even though the show’s run on PBS may be over, the goal of showing kids [...]


Review: Flipboard for iPhone beats Google Currents

Just after Flipboard was released for the iPhone, Google Currents came into the world. Both are beautiful apps for following news, magazines, and other digital content. So which is better? Interface – Flipboard Flipboard is perfectly designed for touch screens – just about all you have to do is flip through pages. Google Currents also [...]

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Read all you want! Amazon’s Prime = Netflix for books?

Hey guess what? Amazon may soon let you read as many books as you want for a flat rate. Namely: $79/year ($6.58/month), as part of an Amazon Prime membership. Hopefully there will be a wide selection of books offered with the subscription. Amazon Prime already offers a lot of goodies to its subscribers. For example, [...]


What do you use your tablet for?

So, you finally broke down and bought some sort of tablet computing device (iPad, Motorola XOOM, Playbook, eventual TouchPad, Galaxy Tab, etc..) how is it? What do you find yourself using it for? Well, if you are part of the majority of ‘tabbing’ individuals, odds are you use it for one main task more than [...]


Is the Kindle the Future?

I recently read that Kindle books outsold all others on Previously Kindle’s sales only outsold hardcovers, but now they have taken over paperbacks as well. Apparently, for every 100 paperback sales on Amazon, there are 115 Kindle sales. So, Kindle has obviously increased greatly in popularity, but is it our inevitable future. Personally, I [...]