When Do The iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Come Out?

Today, during an event at its corporate headquarters in Cupertino, CA, Apple pulled the veil off the long awaited, much anticipated iPhone 5S. As expected and as has been tradition, this is the iterative version and slightly upgraded big brother to last year’s iPhone 5. It keeps the same physical design and form factor, but [...]


Rumor: Now Verizon And AT&T Are Blacking Out Vacation Days For The iPhone Launch

Yesterday, I brought you news that T-Mobile has blacked out employee vacation days from September 20th thru 22nd. We assume, given historical context, it’s the for the launch of the next iPhone, presumably dubbed the iPhone 5S. Now, we’ve seen reports that AT&T and Verizon have followed suit. AT&T has blacked out vacation days for [...]


Rumor: T-Mobile Blacks Out Employee Vacation for Sep. 20th iPhone Launch

If history is anything to go by, we’ll see Apple’s latest iPhone launch on Friday, September 20th. We’ve heard for a while that Apple plans to announce the iPhone 5S and possible iPhone 5C on September 10th at an event in San Francisco. Looking at every previous year since the iPhone 3G, the actual public [...]


When Can You Buy A Galaxy S4?

Samsung announced more details about the launch of the much-awaited Galaxy S4 this morning. Mum is still the word for a couple major US carriers, though. We know it’ll be coming to the following 7 companies in the US, though. Here’s the most current information we have: AT&T – $199 w/ two-year contract Pre-orders: April [...]

mountain lion

Apple May Release Mountain Lion Release Tomorrow

Apple’s Mountain Lion operating system upgrade is slated for a release in ‘July’. With less than 2 weeks remaining in the month and with the release of a ‘Gold Master’ of the software to developers, the update will hit virtual shelves any day. 9to5Mac reports that day could be July 25th, after an scheduled retail [...]

microsoft surface is windows 8

When is the Microsoft Surface release date, and why?

Microsoft just announced a new tablet called the Surface. When will it be available? Microsoft Surface will be released this fall From the¬†keynote: “Retail availability for the … Windows RT PC will be at the time of the Windows 8 general availability, and for the Windows 8 Pro – about 3 months later.” (~44 minutes [...]

diablo iii

Diablo III to be Released on May 15

Blizzard, based in Irvine, California, has announced the release date for the next installation in the popular Diablo series. Diablo III will be released on May 15, 2012. I grew up playing Diablo and Diablo II, and even though my big gaming days are behind me, this is a title I’m anxiously looking forward to [...]


Most common question I get asked: ‘When will the new iPad come out?’

I’m not good at prophecy, and I don’t have a famous ‘little birdie’ telling me anything. I wish I knew as much as you do when the next iPad would come out. The funny thing is, I bet Tim Cook does too (and Steve Jobs before him). Watch other companies announce the dates their products [...]