DRIFT44 SKILL – DRIFT PARKING (ドリフト駐車) – YouTube

VIDEO: Drifting Remote Control Cars… Way cooler than it sounds

One of the best things about this job is that I have to flip through tech news and watch YouTube videos. This one is pretty slick: You wouldn’t think that someone could pick up remote control car driving skills like this, but it seems they can. Each part of the car is hand picked and [...]


Turn Off Any TV With This $20 Gadget

Remember buying that universal remote, standing outside your neighbor’s living room window and turning his TV off? Back then, remotes like that would cost around $50.00. They were also hard to carry around and hide whenever you wanted to be sneaky about your pranks. Not only is the TV-B-Gone good for pranks but it can [...]


Perfect For Your Harry Potter Marathon: Control Your TV With A Magic Wand

If you could control the TV with a swish and a flick of a wand, would you? I don’t see why you wouldn’t! The Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control is just what any Harry Potter fan would want. It’s perfect for a gift or for yourself. You don’t even need to be a fan of Harry [...]

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New App By LodgeNet Wants To Help You Watch TV In Your Hotel Room

Technology is getting better and better everyday, and now a new app has been created to turn your smartphone or tablet into a TV remote while on the go. The new app was created by Lodgenet, a company that provides in-room on-demand entertainment to 85% of the American hospitality industry. The app was created to [...]


Straight Out Of Minority Report: The Air Mouse Glove.

“Bad” as in awesome, right? The ION Wireless Air Mouse Glove promises to be the mouse of the future. For $79.99, you can get this weird mouse-glove thingy and pretend you’re in Minority Report. The future or the past? Is this wireless glove the future, like Minority Report? Or is it more like the Nintendo Power [...]


Want Pizza? Wave At Your TV

I just read the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett (I know it’s a women’s book, but it’s really good, okay?  The movie is also really good) and there was a particular scene in it that stood out to me.  A box was invented that you place on top of your television, allowing you to [...]


Peel, Lose Those Remote Controls

Every time a device is able to perform the functions of other devices, thus making those devices obsolete, the geek inside of me squeals in pubescent joy.  And this is exactly what the iPhone does.  It is able to perform the jobs of so many devices that it just becomes the ultimate tech tool.  The [...]


TwelveSouth’s Magic Wand (Warning: Not a Harry Potter Wand)

TwelveSouth has recently created a half-tube made of aluminum that will enable you to combine your Magic Trackpad with your Apple Bluetooth keyboard.  They call it the Magic Wand.  This may not sound all that exciting at first, since it is only a tube that helps you have two things in one piece, but when [...]