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6 Creative DIY Ideas For Those Unwanted VHS Tapes

In case you saw our “8 Reasons VCRs Need To Make A Comeback” blog post and still weren’t convinced to keep those tapes around, here are 6 creative ideas for things you can do with your old VHS tapes. I’m not sure if I’m cheap or green, but I still have more VHS tapes than [...]

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From An iMac Pet Bed To A Nintendo Controller Desk Mate, Here Are 5 Unique Repurposed Home And Office Accessories

Since recycling has become a major trend lately, many people have begun to repurpose and recycle their old tech gadgets to make cool and thrifty accessories for their homes and offices. On top of being green, these repurposed accessories add a little geek flair and creative vibe to any space. Below is a short list [...]