$59 8-bit plug-and-play Pac-Man console

My family loves Pac-Man. Everyone. A good retro game deserves a good retro design. The young kids think it’s a new toy, and for the adults it has a bit of a nostalgia feeling to it. Most of us would have been exposed to video games at an early age via classics such as Galaga, [...]


3D Eye Tracking Glasses let you play games without your hands

Have you ever been too tired to sit up and play games, but too wired to fall asleep? The future might come with a solution for you: Play with your eyeballs. A team at UK’s Imperial College lead by Dr. Aldo Faisal has rigged eye tracking circuitry that take advantage of new 3D technology. The [...]


Apple’s Newton was announced 20 years ago this week; TIME Magazine revisits the tech

For Apple enthusiasts, there’s a bit of nostalgia and geeky retrospective joy in looking back at Apple’s Newton line of personal digital assistants. Several models based on the “Newton technology” were released in the 1990s, none to great success, but it is simply fascinating to look back on everything Apple developed before Steve Jobs killed [...]


Old Nintendo console hacked to act as an alarm clock

Alarm clocks. There hasn’t been a great deal of innovation in the space over the past 10 to 15 years. Sure, many of us now use our cell phones as our alarm clocks, and there have been some nifty novelty products released such as alarm clocks on wheels that roll off your dresser and make [...]


Gramophone + iPod? Yes Please.

I want this.  Look at how rad this is!  I personally am all about retro throwbacks and combining new technology with old.  The marriage of the classy with the sleek really gives me geeky goosebumps, and this example has really sent me in to nerdvana. Named ReAcoustic, these really nifty gramophone hybrid are created by [...]

iphone skin vintage

Give Your Favorite Apple Product Some Vintage Flair

If you’re a tech lover, you are familiar with the clean, no-nonsense, modern aesthetic made popular by Apple.  But what if you adore your iPhone or iPad, but not the modern looking accessories that go along with it?  Well, don’t despair my retro revivalist friends! There is now a plethora of awesome vintage accessories to [...]