Robotic Furniture Is Becoming A Reality

Have you ever wished your table could be a couch, or that your nightstand could be a desk? With Roombots, the ability to morph furniture into different designs, may be just around the corner. Roombots are small robotic modules, each with three motors, weighing around 3 pounds. Each module can roll on the ground individually, [...]


Samsung’s Robotic Vacuum Can Clean Corners

I was thinking this morning about the companies that are attending CES this year. They’re all about cars and televisions. Sometimes, however, one of these companies announces a gem. The Smart Tango Corner Clean Samsung hasn’t announced much ahead of CES regarding their televisions, but they’re giving us a preview of their new robotic house [...]


Here’s a firefighting robot. It can shoot 600 gallons of water per minute from 1/4 mile away and may be related to WALL-E

Firefighting is dangerous business. Whether you’re battling a factory fire in a crumbling building or out in mountains fighting a forest fire, the risks that come with firefighting are astronomical. The advent of technology has allowed for better fire and heat resistant clothing and equipment for firefighters. Advances in robotic engineering may help reduce human [...]


VIDEO: 3D Air Powered Robotic Tentacle

When it is time for a robot to pick up a delicate object the experience typically does not turn out nicely for the delicate object. Creating a robot that has a softer touch is what the Whitesides Research Group set out to do. For less than ten dollars, George Whitesides and his team in Harvard [...]

lego robot

Guy Makes Prosthetic Arm Out of Legos

An engineering student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill named Max Sheperd built a prosthetic arm entirely made out of Legos. If his career as an engineer doesn’t work out, he could always apply for a job as Lego Master Builder (yes, that’s a real thing). But something tells he’ll do just [...]


1 Million Robot Workers Hired to Build Your Next Apple Product

Foxconn, a major manufacturer for Apple and other major technology companies, is purchasing one million “Frida” robots from Robotics company ABB to work on their assembly line. ABB assures us that safety has the highest priority. So did Dr. Lanning from i, Robot… and look at how well that turned out. But honestly, the company’s [...]


Robots Becoming More Human

If you’re like me, you’ve probably once dreamed of being a cyborg.  Or maybe you still dream of it?  In either case, whether you’ve wanted to be like the Terminator or not, there are some people who are actually working on integrating humans with technology.  One of the lead people in this field is Kevin [...]