Need Help? These Robots Can Assist You

Robots currently do a lot for us. They put our cars together. They entertain the little ones. But mostly, they star in futuristic dystopian films on the big screen. Until now. This week, Lowe’s announced that it will be introducing retail service robots in an Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose, California, to study [...]


Robotic Furniture Is Becoming A Reality

Have you ever wished your table could be a couch, or that your nightstand could be a desk? With Roombots, the ability to morph furniture into different designs, may be just around the corner. Roombots are small robotic modules, each with three motors, weighing around 3 pounds. Each module can roll on the ground individually, [...]

Hockey Robot – 5-11

The Last Robot Played Ping Pong; This One Plays Air Hockey [Video]

A few weeks ago, we showed you an impressive video of the fastest robot in the world playing table tennis with the ping pong world champion. This video is a little different (sans the Michael Bay special effects and slow-mo), but still shows off the impressive capabilities of our semi-autonomous friends. The builder used a [...]


The Fastest Robot In The World Takes On Best Ping Pong Player In The World For Epic Duel

We won’t hold it against you for knowing nothing about KUKA Robotics, a German manufacturer of automation robots for large factories. The things they’re working on are quite impressive, though. Typical robots are capable of executing static commands and instructions (mills, lathes, CNC machines, etc), but the real innovation here is in artificial intelligence, combined [...]


Could Robots Be As Common As Google?

Google is such a household name for all of us, that it’s sometimes hard to remember life before.  At first it was just a search engine, but now we can use Google for our maps, email, web browser, media, payments, phones, and more.  Like the company we have grown to love and rely on, they [...]


Check Out Valkyrie: NASA’s 6 Foot Tall Search and Rescue Robot

This 6-foot tall robot, dubbed Valkyrie, is the latest project from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It’ll officially be unveiled one week from today as part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge. It has one primary mission: to save your life in the event of a disaster. Valkyrie was designed to be a search and rescue robot, [...]


If You Love The Movie Pacific Rim, Check Out The Android Game [VIDEO]

From the Play Store: [Download Link] Pacific Rim is an all-new action fighting game inspired by the Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures film from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Piloting weaponized robots known as Jaegers, Earth’s defenders must train their jockeys from rookie to ace in a Story Mode or challenge themselves to last [...]


Samsung’s Robotic Vacuum Can Clean Corners

I was thinking this morning about the companies that are attending CES this year. They’re all about cars and televisions. Sometimes, however, one of these companies announces a gem. The Smart Tango Corner Clean Samsung hasn’t announced much ahead of CES regarding their televisions, but they’re giving us a preview of their new robotic house [...]


This is what a robot flash mob looks like [video]

We’re big fans of Sphero, the robotic ball. Here, the developers have sync’d 28 of them with some Christmas music and performed the equivalent to a robot flash mob at Union Square in NYC. Check out the video above. If you’re interested in a Sphero of your own, you can get them directly from Apple [...]


If you have 15 minutes, this YouTube video will teach you how to make an origami Naboo Starfighter

Origami can be pretty cool. When I was in grade school it was all about the cranes and 4 way decision makers. You made those too right? Martin Hunt has put together paper origami techniques to create Star Wars vehicles and robots. Which are, of course, a little more advanced than a 4 way decision [...]

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