This Japanese Gadget Roams Around Your Tablet Or Smartphone Screen And Cleans It So You Don’t Have To

Readers, a couple notes about this post before you read it: I don’t read Japanese. Google Translate couldn’t help me translate what I’m about to show you because most of the page was Flash and images. An awesome Japanese-style video and fantastic imagery will tell you all you need to know about this product. Now, [...]


Samsung’s Robotic Vacuum Can Clean Corners

I was thinking this morning about the companies that are attending CES this year. They’re all about cars and televisions. Sometimes, however, one of these companies announces a gem. The Smart Tango Corner Clean Samsung hasn’t announced much ahead of CES regarding their televisions, but they’re giving us a preview of their new robotic house [...]


Robots Are Cool!

Robots are neat.  I could probably end the blog post right there and most of you, if not all, will agree with me.  But I will go ahead and explain myself.  There have recently been some pretty nifty robots come on to the scene and they are worth taking a look at. The first one [...]