Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Sales Doubled Those Of The Galaxy S4

Samsung just launched its newest version of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, on Friday and already it has beat it’s predecessor in launch day sales. The GS5, which launched in 150 countries, is also reportedly sold out in numerous global markets. Although Samsung has not confirmed launch-day sales, the report quoted a spokesperson saying [...]


Amazon Broke Sales Records, See What We Bought This Christmas Season

Amazon is my “go to” store.  Of course I would also go there for my Christmas shopping. I imagine that a good majority of Americans feel similarly because the days, weeks, and hours leading up to Christmas gave us some great numbers. New Prime Members: 1,000,000+ Cyber Monday Items Sold Worldwide: 36.8 million (426/second) This [...]


Apple: We sold 3 Million iPads in 3 Days

Apple announced this morning that it sold a whopping three million iPads since Friday morning. That’s a combination of iPad mini and it’s big brother, the new, fourth-generation iPad. Tim Cook: “Customers around the world love the new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out [...]


The math: iPads sold in one weekend: 3 million. Android tablets activated ever: 12 million

We’re going to do some simple math with the help of Andy Rubin, and Apple PR. Before we get into the math I’d like to explain why these numbers are important to clarify. It seems a common refrain that there is some kind of tablet market out there. We read about iPad competitors heating up. [...]


Blackberry slashes Playbook tablet prices to $199.

Blackberry just dropped the price of its Playbook tablet to $199. It started at $499 earlier this year. That’s a solid 60% off. How is that even possible? Here are a few possible causes: Holiday sale A simple pre-holiday sale is a very likely reason behind the price cut. Blackberry may want to turn Black [...]