Drop Test: Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

Android Authority has created another drop test video against the two smartphone titans, iPhone and the Android Galaxy. This time, they put the iPhone 5 against the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Although, it’s not entirely clear which glass type Apple uses for their display, we do know Samsung has been using Gorilla Glass in its [...]


Young Jeremy Maxwell Gets First Peek At The Galaxy S4 In Samsung’s New Video

We already know Samsung will unveil their latest flagship phone — the Galaxy S4 — next week. But if there’s one thing Samsung’s good at, it’s pre-launch hype. Check out the video below; the first in what appears to be a series of videos staring little Jeremy Maxwell. RELATED POSTS Special Discounts Only For Our [...]


Is This The Samsung Galaxy S4? [Photos]

The latest rumors we’re hearing say the Samsung Galaxy S4, the successor to the wildly popular Galaxy S3, will arrive in April or May. While we have no way of knowing what it’ll look like (really, we don’t), it’s fun to speculate. Here’s the latest render of what could be “the next big thing”, courtesy [...]


Is This The Samsung Galaxy S4? [Photo]

We’ve been hearing murmors of the next Samsung Galaxy, the S4, for a couple months now. Back in September, we heard that it’d be released in February. While we didn’t give much credibility to that rumor back then, it seems things are indeed heating up. A more realistic timeframe? I’m looking at May or June, [...]