Apple: Scratches on iPhone 5 are “normal”

You’ve seen the pictures of the scratched aluminum panels on the iPhone 5, some supposedly fresh out of their boxes. Earlier this week, Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, wrote back to a concerned customer about this very issue. His response isn’t surprising: it’s normal. Aluminum, like other soft metals, is going to scratch [...]


AquaTek – If you seriously want your iPhone protected like a tank.

A big question for me: Why do you use a case on your device? I write for ZAGG, so you probably could guess that I’m a big invisibleSHIELD user. In fact, every piece of technology I own was wrapped in the protective covering the same minute it was taken out of the box for the [...]


What is Gorilla Glass 2 and Does It Work?

It seems to me that CES is only indirectly about the consumer, but I might be missing something. Gorilla Glass is making a move. They’ve been able to make the glass 20% thinner. Corning has already had a lot of success getting their glass in electronics by selling to the manufacturers. They’re in the iPhones, [...]


Is Gorilla Glass scratch proof?

Nobody does Myth Busters the way ZAGG does Myth Busters. Just ask Drew and his Gorilla Glass scratch test. You need only Google Gorilla Glass Scratch Test, it’s a YouTube video. Reporting from CES in a recent article, CNN posted that Gorilla Glass is thinner than ever. But it’s still… Not any less resistant to [...]