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VIDEO: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Drop Test – (spoiler: iPhone wins)

Some Android loving iPhone haters are going to hate. Android Authority attempts to prove the iPhone 5 is more fragile than the Galaxy S3, and fall on their face. Well, as much as we hate to admit it, the iPhone 5 did amazingly well in our drop test, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out [...]

iPhone ZAGG privacy screen protector

Introducing ZAGG Privacy: Security + Protection for iPhone

Introducing ZAGG Privacy for iPhone 4 and 4S. Now there’s an easy way to protect your phone while keeping your activity shielded from view on all sides. ZAGG Privacy features a 4-way privacy filter with the protection quality you’ve come to expect from ZAGG. With ZAGG Privacy installed on your phone, anyone to your right, [...]


Is Gorilla Glass scratch proof?

Nobody does Myth Busters the way ZAGG does Myth Busters. Just ask Drew and his Gorilla Glass scratch test. You need only Google Gorilla Glass Scratch Test, it’s a YouTube video. Reporting from CES in a recent article, CNN posted that Gorilla Glass is thinner than ever. But it’s still… Not any less resistant to [...]