10 Unexpected (But Real) Reasons You Need A Case And Screen Protector On Your Phone

[View the story "10 Unexpected (But Real) Reasons You Need A Case And Screen Protector On Your Phone" on Storify] 10 Unexpected (But Real) Reasons You Need A Case And Screen Protector On Your Phone Storified by ZAGG· Mon, Jul 01 2013 15:37:29 Don’t let this happen to you. Get a case or screen protector [...]


This magic potion allows you to operate a touchscreen while wearing gloves

Winter is here, and for most users leaving their phone in their pocket at the bus stop or train station is not an option. That usually leads to cold fingers. You can only hide your hands from the wind for so long. Capacitive Touch The problem is the capacitive screen. Capacitive screens don’t work with [...]


If you have $6,500 to spare, this curved PC monitor will take up 75% of your peripheral vision

We have surround sound. Now, what about surround vision? How would it be to see things happening all around you in a movie or video game? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be in the middle of all that action? Ostendo’s new monitor will make it so you won’t ever notice what’s going on outside of [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Hands-on 3M’s multi-touch screens

3M is all about “Enabling Your Multi-Touch Experience.” Multitouch isn’t just for weathermen and newscasters. You thought it was fun to pinch and zoom on your iPhone, try doing it on a 40-inch screen. We did. Most touch screen demos include some sort of photo box. In addition to the intuitive touch controls, a radial menu [...]

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Opening the fridge is so passé – Microsoft’s vision of the future

Microsoft just released a video of what they consider to be the ideal future. It’s an interesting view of the future, strongly focused on displays that are thinner, smarter, and more interactive. They aren’t pulling these ideas out of thin air. Along with each prediction of the future, I will reference existing research and technology [...]


Do You Like The Rumored iPhone 5 Design?

‘Tis the season for wild iPhone 5 rumors and hopeful feelings.  Reading any tech blog these days will reveal a wealth of information regarding the iPhone 5, and 90% of it is likely to be false.  Such is the case with rumors.  But, let’s assume some of these rumors are true for a second.  How [...]


iPad 2 Revealed

So as many you tech-savvy (read: nerds) people like myself already know, Apple officially revealed the iPad 2. The new model features some new upgrades over the first model, and will ship to stores on March 11th.  The prices are the same as the original, $499 for the 16GB to $699 for the 64GB. With [...]


Two LAPTOP screens better than one?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about a two screen phone by Kyocera called the “Echo.” Many readers commented on the desire for two screens and would welcome such a feature. A few days ago, my brother told me about a new laptop by Acer called the Iconia that not only featured two [...]


iPad 2 Tech Spec Rumors

WARNING:  The following post is full of unverified rumors and speculation about the upcoming iPad 2, as it has tentatively been named.  There are no solid facts about this upcoming product from Apple, since the company has not yet released any official statements regarding it, but naturally the internet is full of rumors.  Herein you [...]