Siri in iOS 6 An Upgraded Concierge With More Restaurant Information

Siri is getting an upgrade. With iOS 6 the headline feature of the iPhone 4S will be made even better. And in fact, it will be coming to the iPad. For those of you that missed the keynote, one of the new features of Siri is restaurants. You could always ask Siri to look for [...]


Will Siri crush our usage of search? (via @jkhowland)

One of the best things about an upgraded operating system is that you get more from the features you already know and love. Siri is the feature that seemed to pick up the most in iOS 6. Some updates make a single feature better. Some updates make one feature so useful that another seems worse. [...]


3 Reasons I’m Leaving Google

I’m leaving Google behind. I don’t hate them, and I don’t think they are evil. They aren’t selling your personal information on the black market. They aren’t big brother watching you. I’m leaving them for 3 simple reasons. Seamless experience: Apple has peaked my interest with iCloud. I realize that I’m just moving my personal [...]