If Your Password Is On This List, You Should Change It Immediately

Every year, SplashData releases a list of the the most common passwords we use for services around the web. Think of your password for Facebook, Twitter, your email, PayPal, eBay, Pinterest, Pandora or Spotify, and others that require you to sign in. Is it easy to guess? If it’s on this list, the answer is [...]


How To Make Your Passwords More Secure With LastPass

Seemingly every week in the news there are stories about web companies getting hacked, security breaches that result in passwords being exposed and consumer accounts being put at risk. In some cases, the bad guys simply break into customer accounts by using lists of commonly used passwords that many people use out of convenience. There [...]


Here Are The Details About Google’s Changes To Its Terms Of Service

On Friday, Google announced that a new set of terms of service for using its services would go into effect on Nov. 11. The search giant, acknowledging that people are not likely to read a document full of legal jargon, broke the three major changes to the terms down into simple details in this blog [...]


How To Enable Two-Step Password Authentication On Google

Two-step password authentication is one of the best ways today to protect your accounts from being compromised by nefarious individuals. In most cases, like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, access to your account is tied to both a password, and to a unique code that is generated either via text message or through an application on [...]


Here’s How The iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader Works

We were almost certain it was coming, and now it’s confirmed: the new iPhone 5S does indeed have a fingerprint reader built right into the home button. You can see how it works in the photo above. The fingerprint reader will enable a whole new level of security for the iPhone and presumably, apps will [...]

Compromised iPhone

That Public USB Charger Could Upload Malware to Your iPhone in Under 60 Seconds

Have you ever used a public USB charging station at an airport or a convention center to recharge your phone? You may want to think twice about ever doing that again. This summer at the Black Hat security conference, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology plan to demonstrate an iPhone charger that can be [...]


Twitter Introduces Two-Step Authentication To Increase Security For User Accounts

Twitter introduced a new security feature Wednesday that, if enabled on user accounts, will go a long way toward preventing said accounts from being compromised by hackers or “phishers.” Two-factor authentication is the new feature, and it works by requiring a verification code in addition to a user’s password before access is granted to a [...]


Twitter Getting Closer To Two-Step Authentication

After yesterday’s hack of Associated Press’s Twitter account, reports are coming to light that Twitter has been working on a two-step authentication process. Right now, it is still in the internal testing phase and no projection date has been set as to when it will be launched. I am sure a bit of urgency has [...]


This Key Uses Bluetooth To Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Children Or Valuables

Do you have a problem with misplacing your keys? Or do you have small people (or maybe big “children”) that have a tendency to wander? The makers of hipKey™ felt those pain points and came up with a solution in the form of a small trackable key. I can’t say I’ve never heard of a [...]


I Used Find My Mac To Recover My Stolen Laptop, Now It’s Time For More Advanced Solutions

I’m lucky. Sunday night outside my Seattle apartment, my car was broken into and my backpack was stolen with my MacBook Pro inside. This story ends somewhat happily, as my laptop was recovered by police within four hours of reporting the burglary, but the point of the post is to encourage all readers to protect [...]

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