Find Your Stuff With These Bluetooth Location Stickers

Last month I wrote about an iPhone case that came with sensors you could attach to objects such as your keys, and with the two gadgets paired together, you could either use the case to find your keys, or your keys to find your case. It was a neat idea, but a new location-sensing idea [...]


The iPhone case for people who frequently lose their car keys

Chances are you struggle to find certain “every day” items sometimes. Some days you might misplace your cell phone. Other days it might be the car keys. Rarely, it seems, do people misplace both items at the same time, and with that, an innovative new iPhone case/stuff finding device has the potential to make a [...]


Fitbit, Nike+ FuelBand, and Google’s Project Glass: Wearable tech is about to become a $1.5 billion dollar business

There are a number of ‘wearable’ computing products out there on the rise. Companies like Fitbit and Google’s Project Glass are only a few. People love wearable tech. I know that some of our top posts on ZAGGBlog are about wearable iPods and fitness tech. Apparently the business is projected to grow to $1.5 billion. [...]

A little yellow robot can dance, touch, and perform charity work.

KeepOn was made to help people with autism therapy. It’s a cute little yellow robot that dances to music and responds to interaction. The yellow blob-like My Keepon is a small stationary robot that reacts to touch and music. It’s been tickling audiences over the web for years, but in a month from now, you’ll [...]