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VIDEO: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Drop Test – (spoiler: iPhone wins)

Some Android loving iPhone haters are going to hate. Android Authority attempts to prove the iPhone 5 is more fragile than the Galaxy S3, and fall on their face. Well, as much as we hate to admit it, the iPhone 5 did amazingly well in our drop test, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out [...]


Want a desktop in your pocket? The Mac Pro iPhone case can be 3D printed.

Caleb Hicks recently posted how much he loves his 4 year old Mac Pro. In honor of his post, I found a great looking case that takes the front of a Mac Pro and puts it on the back of your iPhone. iPhone case that makes your iPhone look like a Mac Pro. I made [...]


A Truly Protective iPhone Case for Toddlers and Parents – by @fisherprice

Babies love the iPhone. They can’t get enough of it. Apple put something in it that makes it the so absolutely desireable for them. They want to touch it, hold it, listen to it, and even eat it. Would you trust your spanking new iPhone with the most recent addition in your home that the [...]


Is Gorilla Glass scratch proof?

Nobody does Myth Busters the way ZAGG does Myth Busters. Just ask Drew and his Gorilla Glass scratch test. You need only Google Gorilla Glass Scratch Test, it’s a YouTube video. Reporting from CES in a recent article, CNN posted that Gorilla Glass is thinner than ever. But it’s still… Not any less resistant to [...]


Self sanitizing keyboard… Bathes itself, without shorting out.

That’s it! You don’t have to have a filthy keyboard anymore. You know that part of your computer that you come into contact the most? if you’re the type who sometimes eats dinner while you’re streaming some videos or surfing the Internet, then you know for a fact that your keyboard is filthy. Now for [...]


How to protect your car from your neighbor throwing his pliers or power drill at it.

This little baby actually is pretty cheap depending on your car. They start at $269 and go up to $419 depending on the size. How many times have you looked at your car and thought “man, I wish I could put it inside a bubble.”? Odds are that this doesn’t come to mind very often. [...]