Listen To Tunes In The Shower With This Speaker And Shower Head Combo

Singing in the shower is a human nature. There are few places on this planet that offer better acoustics than the inside of a shower stall, and the drip drip drip of the water coming out of the shower head is usually the best audience for those who belt out tunes, especially those of us [...]


This Shower Curtain Is For Facebook Addicts

Social media addict? Check out the Social Shower Curtain, which looks like a Facebook profile page. “Is taking a shower the only time when you’re not clicking away on social networking sites? Well now even this is possible with the Social Shower Curtain – the ideal gift for social networking geeks.” Bring your profile to life while [...]


Bath Ball Speaker: Take your iPhone into the shower with you safely

Sometimes shower time is thinking to myself time. Other times, I like to listen to podcasts. I’ve always worried that the iPhone would get damaged from the steam in the bathroom. Ontama – Bathball Coming out of Japan is the Ontama. It’s a small round speaker and case. It plays the sound from your MP3 [...]