VIDEO: Control Siri from across the room with the IRIS 9000

We all love Siri. She’s so funny and sweet. She makes us laugh and brings us the information we need when we need it. Cult Classic The first thing we think of when you hear about Siri is how much technology is advancing. Siri isn’t AI by any stretch, but it certainly begins to feel [...]

Twitter Text Signup

How to post to Facebook and Twitter with Siri

Sharon Vaknin over at CNet posted a brilliant tip quite a while back that I thought would be good to bring back from the archives. In a recent conversation I heard a friend complaining that Siri couldn’t post to Twitter. I assured him that she could, but he didn’t believe me. When I reminded him [...]


Siri said the Lumia is the best, until Apple fixed it (via @jkhowland)

Siri has spoken, and then respoken So for a while there, Siri was informing iPhone owning askers that the Lumia was the “best smartphone ever”. User Reviews The “ever” is a very important addition to the question. Siri was already programmed to make cute little remarks when asked about the “best smartphone”. But when the [...]

What the AppleTV will look like mockup

Foxconn Chairman: iTV is on its way (by @mrgnw)

Rumors about a Siri-powered AppleTV have run rampant since Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs was released. Now Terry Gou, the chief of Foxconn, fans the flames with another enticing rumor that Apple is getting ready to produce the iTV. The iTV will supposedly have an aluminum construction like the Apple Cinema Display and will [...]

iPad dictation Features

The dictation capability on the new iPad is excellent, but is it legal?

I read this post on Cult of Mac a bit ago, and decided to do some research. I spoke with our compliance department to confirm the assumptions of the author and they seem to be true: If you use your iPad dictation for work, you could be breaking the law. Apple does it’s speech to [...]

Picture 6

3 Computing Innovations To Change The Future

With technology progressing at a rapid rate, it’s no wonder that innovators are looking at such concepts as speech, sight and gesture control as soon to be achievable. Check out the list below for a look at the newest and most interesting innovations in the computing world. Computing Innovations For The Future Speech Control: Speech [...]

Android Voice Search vs. iPhone Siri

Google Voice Actions vs. Siri

For years every phone company has been working hard to create a phone that will compete with the iPhone. If they can’t compete with the iPhone then they create some feature that the iPhone doesn’t have to give it a more appealing look and niche advantage. Sprint has made some phone commercials in the past [...]

ipad 3 siri

Does The new iPad Have Siri? No, But It Has the Best Part

In case you’ve been living under a rock this morning, Apple announced the all new iPad today, including a host of new features – retina display, 4G LTE, and more. You may be wondering, did the new iPad get Siri? No. But don’t worry, the best part of Siri – Voice Dictation – did make [...]


Straight Out Of Minority Report: The Air Mouse Glove.

“Bad” as in awesome, right? The ION Wireless Air Mouse Glove promises to be the mouse of the future. For $79.99, you can get this weird mouse-glove thingy and pretend you’re in Minority Report. The future or the past? Is this wireless glove the future, like Minority Report? Or is it more like the Nintendo Power [...]

speaking terms siri

Are You Still on Speaking Terms With Siri?

If you or a friend have an iPhone 4S, you’ve undoubtedly spent some time getting to know your own little personal assistant Siri. Always wanting to help, Siri seems like a great friend at first. But after some unfortunate experiences with her, many users have stopped speaking to Siri altogether. USA Today reached out to [...]

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