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Google To Release Majel, A Competitor To Apple’s Siri

When Apple introduced Siri as part of it’s iPhone 4S announcement, developers from other companies quickly began working on equivalent voice assistant technologies. Google’s product has been code-named Majel, after the voice of the Federation Computer in Star Trek. Majel is an enhanced version of Google’s Voice Actions, currently available on most Android devices. Majel [...]

siri’s competitors

Siri is the new iPad. Everybody wants to copy it.

News just broke that Google is acquiring Alfred in an effort to make a Siri competitor. Will Google’s Majel beat Siri? Who cares? It seems like everyone is building a Siri competitor. Google is acquiring Alfred. Rumors even spread of an Amazon version of Siri when Amazon bought Yap. Microsoft’s Craig Mundie mentioned that TellMe came out [...]

netflix on xbox

Xbox TV update: watch Netflix, control with your hands and voice

Microsoft is pushing out an impressive update to the Xbox interface, which turns the Xbox into a voice- and motion-controlled home theater. The update starts pushing out to Xbox owners on December 6. (Details after the image…) Control with your voice and hands With the Microsoft Kinect, you can use hand motions to navigate through [...]

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Siri controls everything! Siri hacks control your videos, thermostat, and more…

About a month ago we wrote about the flood of rumors about Steve Jobs’ ideal Apple TV, which everybody assumed to be a voice-controlled AppleTV. Developer Hjalti Jakobsson demonstrates a plug-in for Plex that essentially lets you control your TV with your voice. You’ll note that the implementation in the video has the sound muted and [...]

Don’t watch these ads. They’ll make you stupider.

I’m on a commercial kick… It’s that time of the year. The eternal question of advertisers: Are we selling a product or selling an idea. There is your non-starter. I can’t help but think of Verizon’s “Your wife will love the dual core Tegra 2 chipset.” Ads are a big deal. They are the way [...]


Tellme, are you better than Siri?

In a recent interview with Forbes’ Eric Savitz, Microsoft’s Craig Mundie said that Siri is nothing special. Microsoft had a “similar” version over a year ago. So did Android. And the 3GS had voice control, which was also “similar” to Siri. Is Siri special? As Craig Mundi points out, Siri is “the only thing [Apple] [...]


Siri is a North Carolina Tar Heels fan



Amazon buys voice service Yap. Will it compete with Siri?

Amazon just purchased Yap, a voicemail transcription service. The service officially stopped on October 20. Rumor has it that Amazon’s building a competitor to Siri. Siri is a key part of Apple’s new iPhone 4S, and there have been multiple reports of users trying to port it to other devices. My main question is: When [...]

Analyzing The New Siri/iPhone 4S Ads?

There are a number of Apple enthusiasts who are breaking down the latest iPhone 4S (or really Siri) commercials. Particularly the framing, the story, and the kids. Framing: If you watch carefully you’ll notice that the adults are almost always cut off at the nose. You don’t see their faces when they are talking to [...]

A Parody or Two About Siri

A Duet With Siri. Jonathan Mann ( is one of my favorite parody video makers. Remember his video about taking back your iPhone 4 if you didn’t like it. Now he’s made one about how awesome Siri is. The lines are pretty funny: Siri, do you love me? Siri, you’re very beautiful. Will you marry [...]

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